[Updated] Gran Turismo 5 Prologue pre-orders reach 1 million in Europe alone

SONY has now officially confirmed that the preorders for GT5 prologue has indeed hit 1 million in europe alone. This is what PS3Fanboy is reporting after the surfacing of various reports today claiming that the million preorders were for both europe and north america combined :-

[Update: finding the news slightly suspicious, we had our very own European blogger, Jem Alexander, double check the number with SCEE. They confirmed it to be true. So there you have it!]

It's not every day games go "platinum" before they're even released. Generally, this occurs with huge titles, but even taking that into account it's an uncommon feat. Factor into that the notion that a game whose title explicitly states it's a Prologue to a full game ... and it's nearly unbelievable. But in Europe alone, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has achieved just that: one million pre-orders.

What we need to remember is that the pre-order number is not only for Europe alone, but also just for the Blu-ray release of the game -- not the downloadable version. If half of the people who intend to purchase the game pre-order it and the other half download it, well, this is going to be huge. Add America and Japan into the mix and we've basically got the best-selling PS3 title to date; at least, that's what we're assuming will happen. What about you?

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Bonsai12145968d ago

europe is full of car enthusiasts. i'm not surprised. i'mma hold off for the full game though

XBOX 3605968d ago (Edited 5968d ago )

B..B..But PS3 owners don't buy games! They buy Blu-ray movies!!

Guess we buy both eh?

Bonsai12145968d ago

alright. is europe not full of car enthusiasts? have you BEEN there?

jwatt5967d ago

It will be the fastest selling ps3 game untill GTA4 comes out which is about a week after GT prologue comes out.

sonarus5967d ago

i am stuck in a bind trying to decide between psn download and disc version. I will probably go with psn. The convenience of having games on your hard drive is too much to pass up. Not having to get up to put cd's in e.t.c.

beoulve5967d ago

sonarus, stick with the disc, much easier to transport between PS3s, you can borrow to your friend and you get a freaking box as part of your collection. I'm going with the disc version. The down side of disc is you have to put the disc to play everytime.

zainkis5967d ago


i thought we can install the game onto the harddrive :x can we not?

sonarus5967d ago

lol i wouldn't want to borrow it to my friend, my intention is to play it everyday and get them to buy their own copy. Besides no confirmation yet but we might be able to do shared downloads. Did it for 4 of my friends for tekken DR.

I really don't need a box. Don't like to have too many games at once because i know sooner or later a friend of mine will come take them and not bring it back. Plus no tax on downloads (i think) and don't have to drive to store don't have to pre order lol

Phil Harrison Mk45967d ago (Edited 5967d ago )

PS3 owners DO Buy games and they Buy Blu-ray films;)

+1.1 You always got Scalextric!!!;-D

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Rattles5968d ago

but i dont think i cant wait that long. gt4p gave me lots of enjoyment and spent lots of time with splitscreen so i dont see why this one wont, ill be picking it up as soon as i can.

getrdone5968d ago

im getting it because of online play, otherwise i would wait for the full version.

mr_potato5968d ago

Did we really need a second topic to reconfirm this???

PirateThom5968d ago

It came out and then there was another topic which denied it, so this was to reaffirm it again.

mr_potato5968d ago

Ok thz missed the one that denied it.

TheHater5968d ago

and this is just for a fraction of the full game? what will the preorder be like for the full game in the PAL region? I can't even think about it

Superiorrior5968d ago

5 tracks and 40-60 vehicles can only provide so much fun, I like to think of it more like a tease myself, but no doubt Gran Turismo 5 will hit platinum no doubt.

The_Engineer5967d ago

your sweet beehind that poly will put out some dlc tracks for this badboy to hold us over in the months leading up to GT5.