Call of Duty: Ghosts - Raven and Neversoft Will Be Assisting Infinity Ward

DSOGaming writes: "According to the official YouTube channel of Call of Duty, Infinity Ward, Raven Software and Neversoft are currently working on this title."

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PigPen1994d ago

Infinity will be making PS4/Nextbox and Raven Software and Neversoft will make either the WiiU or Xbox360/PS3 version.

sandman2241994d ago

Tell the pig pen. This guy knows his games.

PopRocks3591994d ago

I guess that means that sci-fi shooter that Neversoft was supposedly working on was scrapped?

iNathan1994d ago

Maybe theyr are working on DLC

While IW is focused on Xbox 720, Ps4

Jek_Porkins1994d ago

I bet Infinity Ward has built itself back up enough to handle most of the game themselves, Raven Software tends to handle online stuff and maybe Neversoft is lending their hand with coding?
I'm looking forward to seeing the game take a leap to next generation, should be an interesting May 21st.

PigPen1994d ago

Since when did Infinity Ward need help in a Call Of Duty game. If you say Raven Software is known to do map packs/dlc, it could be Neversoft doing the Xbox360/PS3 version. We are all speculating cause just because Raven Software is known for map packs does not mean that's their role on this project. Although it kind seem logical. Also I did not know that.

Jek_Porkins1994d ago

Most of Infinity Ward left when Vince and Jason were fired by Activision, they started Respawn Entertainment and are working on a new Sci Fi FPS that we'll learn more about at E3.

Infinity Ward was basically a shell for MW3, it was rushed because of the mass defections, so Sledgehammer Games had to quickly put the game together with Raven Software, which explains why MW3 was probably my least favorite COD game.

DOMination-1994d ago

I wonder what Sledgehammer are doing?

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