Worst Video Game Tattoos Ever

We understand your love for gaming. We really do. But sometimes your love for electronic entertainment can cause you to do crazy and irrational things. Like getting a really ugly tattoo of your favorite game or character. Take a look at some of the Worst Video Game Tattoos Ever.

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GalacticEmpire3569d ago

Some of those are actually quite good, I liked the one with Kratos fighting Link.

MontyQ3569d ago

Ya the artist who did the link/kratos one did a really great job he had talent far beyond the rest on that page. most there looked like basement jobs not pro studio tattoos.

KrisButtar3569d ago

a tattoo of the Konami code

voodoopickle3569d ago

I wonder if that's what gets you into her pants

3569d ago
isarai3568d ago

i kinda like the two SNES controllers and the Gameboy

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