EA reveals FIFA 14's Teammate Intelligence system

EA Sports has revealed new details for FIFA 14, including information on a new Teammate Intelligence system.

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ZainabSaccal1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

now i want to see how can PES beat this

pierce1993d ago

I'm always interested in what PES will do, but each year I lose more faith in what Konami can bring to the table. I bought PES about 7 years in a row back in the day, now it can't compare to FIFA.

Konami using the Fox Engine for PES should help, though.

Blackdeath_6631992d ago

yeah, many people fail to realise just how superior pes was to fifa in the ps2 days and before. however, as the new gen came along things changed with companies like EA benefiting and quickly adapting to the new tech.there is no doubt fifa is the better game now. the japanese games presence this gen is not as strong as it was in the previous gens, feels like a great void has opened that needs to be filled and hasn't.

Baka-akaB1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Then again "this" is some isoteric yearly claim we have yet to see fulfilled .

Every year is supposed to be some so called breakthrough in AI with a fancy name (for both fifa and pes) and every year it's a load of PR crap , or a dissapointment .

2013's AI wasnt any better than PES 2013's , both had massive crap and flaws to it , with a few shiny nuggets of individual behavior actually existing with some of the biggest players .

pompombrum1992d ago

The sad state of both games really, bold claims that leave us all wanting. For PES we've been hearing about some mystical engine ever since 2008 edition came out. On the flip side, it seems to be standard blurb by EA to constantly talk up the AI of the game yet every year it fails to deliver.

Baka-akaB1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

At least pes's new engine is coming for us to judge . But i dont trust the power technical shot and ai super team synergy crap you see from press announcement for fifa (nor pes)

skydragoonity1992d ago

Pls the camera should zoom in when you score a goal like previous versions!

sway_z1992d ago

I'm so happy with how Fifa 13 turned out, that I can skip Fifa 14 on current gen consoles.

I am holding out for Fifa next gen PS4.....No Fifa PS3 for me now that PS4 is on the horizon...

pierce1992d ago

Yeah I pretty much agree, my next FIFA purchase will have to be on a next-gen console.