South Park: The Stick of Truth still on track for 2013 release, Ubisoft confirms

South Park: The Stick of Truth is still on track for release this calendar year, Ubisoft has told, despite the game being absent from the publisher's latest official release schedule.

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Wagz221993d ago

I hope so the game looks pretty cool and funny, obviously since its south park.

FamilyGuy1993d ago

-_- I've been waiting FOREVER

It was originally supposed to release in March before all the publisher issues or whatever happened.

I've waited long enough :'(

-MD-1993d ago

Most anticipated game in YEARS, son. I cannot wait.

BanBrother1993d ago

♪They're not even a real coun-try, any-way♪

Seriously though, I hope this game turns out great. All other South Park games were horrible. The Tower Defense was crap, and Tenorman's Revenge has weaker platforming than Mario which came out 25 years earlier lol. That is no exaggeration.

Obsidian-check. Trey Parker and Matt Stone - check. RPG elements - Check.

Aliens Colonial Marines also sounded too good to be true. Be cautious is all I am saying.

SgtFuzzy-T1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

i understand where you are coming from, its easy to miss canada, all tucked away down there

majiebeast1993d ago

Betting on release when the next season airs in September.

eliteslaya131993d ago

This is just behind Watch Dogs and GTA V in my hype list

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