Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut (PS3) vs original Deadly Premonition (360) video comparison

Rely on Horror writes:

A lot of people have been wondering how the new Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut visuals stack up to that of the original Xbox 360 release. More notably to see if the Director’s Cut framerate is as poor as some people have been reporting. Thanks to supergreatfriend on Youtube, we can finally see the two games side by side, and draw our conclusions from there.

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ElasticLove2707d ago

Why does the original look better than the remastered version (director's cut), makes no sense at all.

Wagz222707d ago

Yea the water looked really weird in the directors cut and in the original it actually looks like a river.

lashes2ashes2707d ago

Looks like the texture did not load correctly.

Godmars2902707d ago

The true pointless magic of HD.

Especially when a game started with PS2 graphics.

OmegaSlayer2707d ago

New graphic benchmark I say

r212707d ago

Huh, the DC version is choppy compared to the original version. And strangely, original is green while DC is red.

Heisenburger2707d ago

It gets better after the opening, the choppy aspect I mean.

Also it doesn't look red when I'm playing. Perhaps only slightly so.

Really it's just with them being side by side and the right side being green, it gives the illusion of it being red.

The driving is still terrible. :P

IcicleTrepan2707d ago

I can't even count how many things I've hit with the car. Poles, buildings, other parked cars..