Fresh GTA 5 Image Leaks, Quickly Removed from Rockstar's Website

GR - "It may be gone now, but a new image for Grand Theft Auto 5 has been discovered."

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THE-COMMANDER2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Nice image,i hope there is weapon customization that would be absolute awesomeness!

Oh_Yeah2048d ago

Yes yes it would... And car customization/street racing with an added 1st person driving view, Rock Star could certainly pull that off well judging by Midnight Club LA.

brodychet2048d ago

1st person driving view? Why. I don't think I'd like that in a GTA game.

Oh_Yeah2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

@brodychet I said ADDED not mandatory. An optional 1st person driving view ain't going to hurt no one and I don't mean 1st person as in all you see is the road or the hood.. But as in you see the interior of your car, how could you not like that.

elhebbo162048d ago

@brodychet are you forgetting that gta 3 had a first person driving mode?(or something similar to that). you could see through the side and back windows, the front camera wasnt inside the car though.

brodychet2048d ago

Well in the cinematic trailer of Franklin's portion, they already showed your definition of 1st person driving. So maybe it's confirmed?

Gravitic2048d ago

wut, 1st person driving is going to be a great new experience, its allot more immersible.

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geezy692048d ago

its been confirmed that there is weapon customization

steve30x2048d ago

Really? Show us where rockstar confirmed such a rumour.

Pintheshadows2048d ago

Check out Game Informer's website. Geezy is right. Character, car and gun customisation, plus you WILL be able to purchase property.

waltercross2048d ago

@ steve30x

Multiple Articles confirmed Gun, Vehicle and to some extent Character customizations.

Donnieboi2048d ago

Yeah CVG confirmed it:

"Weapons can also be customized with laser sights, scopes, silencers, and high capacity magazines."

and clothes too...

"You can customize yourself with haircuts, new clothes, and tattoos."

and cars:

"Pay N Sprays can also mod cars with paint jobs, new wheels, window tints, grilles, spoilers. Upgrades to suspension, engine and brakes can also be made."

GamingManiac2048d ago

This just made my day! Thanks bro!

irepbtown2048d ago

''You can customize yourself with haircuts'' - And that is why I love Rockstar, little things like that make a huge difference.

And bro (sis?), I'm loving what I'm reading so far.

September 17th just seems so long away. The more I read, the more I get excited, the longer it feels :(

MasterCornholio2048d ago

Dang it looks like they are trying to incorporate what made San Andreas fun into this game. I cant wait to screw around with all the customization options.

LightningMokey2048d ago

Why are people suprised GTA V is getting THE SAME things as previous GTAs?

I really don't get it. It's like someone being skeptical that COD might have weapons.

Either way, i'm exited for this game.

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Maddens Raiders2048d ago

riiiiiiiiiight lol. That aside, things are looking great so far.

silvahtino2048d ago

this rumour has been verified, just watch this link

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josephayal2048d ago

Next gen GTA V would be a damn smart business move

ZodTheRipper2048d ago

It wouldn't even need extra content for me to buy it again on PS4.

Cherchez La Ghost2048d ago

I cannot remember one game that let me down from Rockstar. I still got my San Andreas on PS2 (Original Hot Coffee Edition) LoL!!

Bobertt2048d ago

I don't know if i should get for PS3 or PC? What do you guys think? I didn't have GTA IV on ps3 so i dont know if it freezes or lags when you open the XMB. But i have noticed some of the later games freeze or take long to open the xmb on the ps3 like blackops 2. Not all of them but mostly games that have a lot of stuff packed into it.

FlyingFoxy2048d ago

PC, if Rockstar don't screw up the multiplayer like they did with iv then it could be great like San Andreas multiplayer, with 100+ player servers total freedom and allow us to make our own game modes.

Swiftcricket2048d ago

Shut up and take my money R*

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