BioWare co-founder on Mass Effect 3's ending disappointing fans: I can understand completely

BioWare co-founder “can understand completely” why fans were disappointed with Mass Effect 3′s ending

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Godmars2901993d ago

Still sounds like they didn't get it. Too much evidence that they were lazy with the game. Put too much emphasis on getting it out at a certain time rather then doing it right. Which means that the mistakes made with this game and others will only happen again.

ApolloTheBoss1993d ago

Don't ever plan on buying a Bioware again because of it.

OhMyGandhi1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

really? because of the ending?

SuicidalTendencies1993d ago

Agree. Between the ME3 ending and Dragon Age 2 they lost a loyal customer. I wasn't really surprised that it happened though. Once they went to EA I knew it was only a matter of time.

ApolloTheBoss1993d ago

@RustedMan I hate EA for eternity. That ending ruined my perception of what it means to play a video game. I'll never view videogames the same way again for as long as I live because of it. Call me dramatic, but that's just how it is.

EVILDEAD3601993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Huge ME fan and LOVED Mass Effect 3's ending and thought they expanding ending were cool as well.

The best part about the ending debacle was that EVERY critic that played it had zero issues with how it ended.

Just because they empathize with the few that hated the ending doesn't mean they the ending was bad for everyone who played.

Will be there day one for the next gen ME and DA3 as well.


FrightfulActions1992d ago


I seriously and sincerely believe that anyone who was a 'huge fan' of Mass Effect would not had loved the ending of Mass Effect 3.

Also, every critic had zero issues with the ending? You mean those few that were paid off by EA to give them near-perfect scores? Sure. Lets not look at the literally hundreds of other critics and reviews that flooded N4G for MONTHS talking about how piss-poor the endings were. They so don't count, because they're not being sponsored and paid off by EA, their opinions do not matter.

Anyone who just plays the game likely wont have an issue. Those who invested 5 years into the series and have been following and playing it since the start and were genuine fans however were the ones who really got shafted in the end. Newcomers wouldn't give a shit.

Who cares about fans when you can get more money by targeting a larger audience.

EVILDEAD3601992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

@ frightful

'I seriously and sincerely believe that anyone who was a 'huge fan' of Mass Effect would not had loved the ending of Mass Effect 3.'

93% on Metacritic destroys your theory.

Your seriously mistaken if you believe that ALL true ME fans were the ones whining about the ending.

It's always interesting that when people can't accept that there is a game that they hate gets good reviews then EVERY reviewer has been paid off.

Then that must mean that every review on Metacritic that is good for any game is because the reviewers were paid.

But since they aren't ALL paid by EA let's take a look at a very important stat

74 reviews on Metacritic..ZERO negative reviews.

LOL @ pretending that anyone cares about a Fan review on N4G, Amazon, Metacritic or anywhere else.

Own EVERY Mass Effect at launch on the 360, loved every one of em', 3 was no exception.

Loved the game, loved the ending, loved the Multiplayer.


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Pozzle1993d ago

It's a bit late for them to admit it.

Skate-AK1993d ago

He must have been drunk when they asked him. Since he finally admitted it.

NYC_Gamer1993d ago

It's not only the ending that screwed up Mass Effect 2&3.

Grap1993d ago

the take back earth mission was just boring actually the game was alright and i have no problem with ending but srsly how can u miss the mission that the game plot was all about. that mission was like gears of war horde mode "kill the next wave and don't die!!"

mrdeli1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )


It's not "solve every scenario" !
It's not "we can’t get the choice they want because we're so intimate [with ME3]"

It's because the entire ending of the game after the point you get hit with the beam seems to ABSOLUTELY IMPLY that Shepard has been INDOCTRINATED and yet the game and Bioware have played it straight saying "this is the end, there's no more" again and again. The entire trilogy revolved around the Reapers and the menace of Sovereign and then Harbinger FFS Harbinger was the main antagonist of Mass Effect 2 !!!

He doens't do anything in Mass Effect 3 besides hit Sheapard with a beam that completely implies all the efforts of foreshadowing about indoctrination ! He "ASSUMED DIRECT CONTROL" etc ---- but no, Bioware has to keep saying that fans didn't get to have their particular choice. Bioware is kicking every single Mass Effect fan in the balls. Anybody who took time to enjoy the story knows that
being indoctrinated was the big evil thing and that Harbinger wanted to indoctrinate Shepard the most of all ! Why whould Shepard keep having these dreams with indoctrination oily visuals and sound effects. Why would the ending have this in it and be a total "Red Herring" of the most epic order ?!

Bioware these stupid comments make me rage again years later !!!!

Parasyte1993d ago

Exactly. I can't even go back and play ME1 or 2 because ultimately, your choices don't matter.

aLucidMind1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

It's very probable that Shepard wasn't indoctrinated, but merely had the symptoms of it as s/he is clearly in the early onset stages in ME3. They've gotten far enough to have an effect, but not anywhere near enough to be able to begin influencing, much less take control, of Shepard. BioWare could have easily said that while still saying "the endings are literal", but instead decided to go "NO! You came up with something BETTER than our idea! F-U!" even though they flat out said Shepard being indoctrinated was an idea they were throwing around throughout development and stated themselves they cut that thread out due to it being "too complex".

I hated the ending, but I know a few canon-friendly theories and such that make BioWare's vision more palatable without sacrificing the (obvious) indoctrination attempts on Shepard, but I'm sure you've read them all yourself already lol.

Btw, its only been one year XD

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