Why these “Wii U is doomed” claims are ridiculous.

mii-gamer writes:

Yes, I know the Wii U has its fair share of problem. To deny the current poor performance of the Wii U is to live in ignorance. I am not going to lie; I am a tad upset that the Wii U is struggling. But I refuse to live in La La land and believe everything is all good in the house of Nintendo.

However, I dislike the prevalent pessimism towards Nintendo (and the pessimism in the industry in general). Any sign of weakness from Nintendo; the media will go into a feeding frenzy. Nintendo, an injured animal struggling in the water of the Amazon, the taste of blood triggers the media into a frenzy like a school of Piranhas.

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Shnazzyone2022d ago

Article is pretty well done, basic and reasonable. No spin, no allegations, Just a reality check. Nice to see some people will take time to write a decent article explaining why most the doom speak we all hear is pretty much hit farming and fanboys who want nintendo to fail.

I mean he's right, concoles have at least 5 year cycles, claiming a console has failed in the first 6 months has been proven time and time again to be wrong. I mean, seeing as vita is still for sale in the stores after it's first year... then I think the wii U will be just fine. Noone should ever compare to dreamcast, none of the big 3 are even close to the bad decision making Sega did that resulted in the cut and run dreamcast experienced.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2021d ago

Why wouldn't people want to buy used soiled Underwear made by Nintendo?
>.> (for all those who say I would do anything Nintendo says).

This guy is "Right-On" like Reggie Fils-Aime with an Afro in Africa wearing a Dashiki in the 70's on a special episode of Soul-Train doing the Bump.

"Can you dig it?"

Good Article.
"Excellent" & "Yes"

"Well Said" to the people above me.