Intel Iris Pro Graphics and Iris Graphics New Codenames For GT3e Chips – Performance Unveiled

Intel is launching their fourth generation “Haswell” core processors on June 3rd and along with it, Intel would also introduce faster integrated graphic chips codenamed Intel Iris Pro Graphics and Iris Graphics. Previously known as GT3 and GT3e, the Iris Pro graphics would be the fastest integrated graphics solution Intel has ever developed and is the key achievement on Intel’s latest Haswell micro-architecture.

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Pain_Killer1998d ago

Intel and AMD on the verge to outcast discrete GPU solutions?

Looks like the low-end GPU market would soon be dead due to faster IGP solutions.

ProjectVulcan1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

The low end market is dead for discrete graphics, because the capability of IGPs has grown massively in the past 5 years or so. There is no reason to buy a dedicated low end video card anymore, because the video acceleration of these on die GPUs is superb.

But for enthusiast solutions discrete will still easily win, and I would rather have a better CPU without a GPU on die to pair with a discrete card.

The main advantage here lies in laptops, because laptop GPU performance 5 years ago was still utterly awful even for the time, whereas now it is perfectly passable and even manages low end gaming.

Anomander1997d ago

Define low end gaming. I bought a Sager laptop in 2010 with a Nvidia GTX460M, i7 2630 Quadcore and 8GB of RAM and gaming on that has been just fine. I may not get DX11 with all the bells and whistles, but I do get most games on High settings with 35-40 FPS in both DX10 and DX11.

I'd still take a laptop with a discrete GPU as well though. If you have the money you could always go crossfire and SLI for laptops as well if you did not want to go the desktop route. Though now that I have a older gaming laptop, I'm trying to get money set aside to build a new desktop, but the Mrs. is not being very supportive of that...

Kurylo3d1997d ago

Yea for real.. u seem very uninformed. My laptop back in 2008 was playing the original crysis on high settings.

dcbronco1997d ago

The problem for Intel is that AMD is moving into the low-end market with their APUs and Nvidia is making Tegra better with CUDA in Tegra 5. They may be getting better but the competition is getting better than their better.

ProjectVulcan1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Low end gaming is having the game just run playable in 720p. I.e practically minimum settings. Something like a HD 4000 can actually run a considerable number of modern games in said HD resolution.

This was beyond stuff like GMA4500 5 years ago running the comparative modern titles of the time.

Kurylo3D, as for claiming your laptop ran Crysis on high in 2008.....sure it did. If you ran it in 720P and had a 9800M GT which would have been in a $1500+ laptop right there- hardly relevant to IGP graphics!

I had a gaming laptop with a 9800M GTS in it, managed medium/high 1440 x 900. That was literally a $1400 machine in 2008.

My point was that even a laptop with IGP in it can do a teeny bit of modern gaming. That was impossible 5 years ago, you were stuck with sub HD or older games.

AndrewLB1997d ago

@Kurylo3d - The fastest mobile GPU available in 2008 was the G92 9800m GTX and running the original Crysis on Ultra it was a slide show @ 1280x1024, still unplayable on Very High, and barely playable on high @ 30-40fps. Those 9800m gtx mobile gpu's were very rare in 2008 and insanely expensive. Very few people played Crysis on a laptop on high settings in 2008.. or 2009 for that matter.

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Qrphe1998d ago

Intel and AMD are both taking risks on the future of computing: Intel trying to have CPUs do most of the work while AMD trying to have the GPUs do most of the work. Who won? who's next? You decide

FragMnTagM1997d ago

That might be a good Epic Rap Battle.

Intel vs. AMD Begin!

hellvaguy1997d ago

Intel controls the high end cpu market and I dont see that changing. The real battle is for the mid and low end.

hellvaguy1997d ago

Where in the heck did that come from?

CaulkSlap1996d ago

Intel integrated graphics have always been a red flag in computer purchasing. I don't see that changing any time soon.