Madden Skipping Wii U in 2013

Truly, Nintendo and EA have an unprecedented partnership.

The Madden series will not be appearing on Wii U in 2013, according to an EA Sports representative.

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sherimae24132093d ago

"we will not be releasing a wii u version of madden nfl 2013 this year,
however, we have a strong partnership with nintendo"

yeah, so much for this strong partnership ea, lol ^_^

joab7772092d ago

Wow! This really says something!

Ritsujun2092d ago Show
lilbroRx2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

One would truly have to have a twisted mind to be pleased by things like this.

Honestly, Nintendo should actively ban EA and all of their games from the system. EA's half-arsed support does more harm than good and they were not voted the worst company in America 2 years in a row for no reason.

Its disgusting the way people can praise a company with such a title when they do things like this. Anti-Nintendo fanboys are the vilest thing to ever come into existence in the realm of gaming.

I'm glad that Nintendo has chosen to support indie devs the way they have. Greedy, tyrannical companies like EA need to cease to exist.

LOL_WUT2092d ago

^ That is a pretty bold statement to make for someone who claims to not be a fanboy. ;)

showtimefolks2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

And Nintendo fans keep denying nothing is wrong with the wiiu

Big publishers are not releasing big games on wiiu, this is why skipping E3 for Nintendo is such a wrong decision. At the present time wiiu needs as much positive exposure as possible, once people see all the games,features and consoles from ms and Sony at E3 than wiiu will become an obsolete system.

If I was in charge at Nintendo I would make sure we have a huge conference at e3 and show a lot of games, even games early in their development which won't be out till 2014-2015 just to say look we have games coming. Than I would ask as many 3rd party publishers to come to stage to announce games even if those games are coming on other consoles

But Nintendo is going totally the opposite direction, I hope they know what they are doing because unlike wii their new system isn't gonna sell itself.

I think Nintendo came into this gen thinking their already have their core fanbase in their pockets now let's target casuals with this gamepad which is like a tablet with buttons and analog sticks. But instead core fans don't see the value and casuals have moved on to other things. I say be like Sony last gen forget about everything else just release bunch of exclusive games

That's why I thought they should have bought a lot of THQ's Games and developers.

But lets see its not over yet but it's starting to look really bad

At E3 RS better announce GTA5 for wiiu if Nintendo has any chance of picking up some steam

krazykombatant2092d ago

EA isnt releasing anything on ninty for no putting origin in their online market.

Aceman182092d ago

I thought i read the other day that R* won't be at E3 this year?

i want to get the Wii U but right now there's nothing appealing enough for me to shell out for it. hopefully it gets a price drop and Mario 3D later this year then I'll purchase one.

also Nintendo do something to get big name 3rd party games on the system.

Sniperwithacause2092d ago

@aceman, it was take-two not showing. Although R* may skip it, but I really hope I'm wrong.

lilbroRx2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Your entire line of speculation is off base.

First off, this is just EA, and this is nothing new. Everyone knows EA doesn't like Nintendo and none of the major profit Nintendo has made in the last decade came from EA. Their existence is irrevelent on Nintendo consoles because there are usually to many "better" games on the console from "better publishers". EA will "need" Nintendo before Nintendo will "need" EA.

Missing single big name games, that few would be interested in buying on the console to begin with do to lack a usebase built up in the past by said companies, once again has not hurt Nintendo at any point in the past.

The only thing Nintendo needs are big name games. "It doesn't matter where they are from" so long as they are good and they are in steady supply. Thing is, they have already announced said games, and there are more to come. Only thing left is to complete and release them.

Nintendo's future in no way hinges on EA's support.

The way fanboys clamor to support EA when they try to snub Nintendo is shamefully sad.

showtimefolks2092d ago


well you are wrong Nintendo needs EA more than EA needs nintendo, and right now N needs to kiss and makeup with all the Publishers

and if you think its just EA than you are wrong, many games from Take-two also won't be coming to wiiu

how about getting borderlands GOTY editon on wiiu

or bioshock
or xcom

nintendo consoles have long history of not being able to sell 3rd party games compare to how well the exclusives sell, unlike before now publishers have 2 options in MS and Sony

danitanzo2092d ago

Maybe there is something wrong with EA instead...

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iGamerZero242092d ago

I smell the next SEGA Dreamcast IMO ! And Nintendo is so stubborn they rather fail then evolve

truechainz2092d ago

yeah if EA thinks cancelling madden on WiiU is a strong partnership with Nintendo then it is no wonder why they are voted the worst company. Madden 13 wasnt good on Wii U, but there were so many possibilties for improvement to make it so I was excited about the changes they would make for the next one with the gamepad. That was a rookie mistake for me because of course EA wouldn;t make Madden any better other than microscopic graphics and physics improvements every game. Guess we will see with the next vita version.

jcnba282092d ago

EA are the biggest liars in the industry.

If you know the rules EA agreed to when signing deal to have exclusive rights to licenses like NFL, Fifa etc. for their sports games it's abundantly clear that EA is intentionally screwing with Nintendo.

When EA was fighting for exclusivity right to certain sports licenses with other publishers it was revealed that EA HAVE TO release games based on those licenses on EVERY gaming platform available if they want to have exclusivity - similarly to how Activision was contracted to release Spiderman game each year if they wanted to keep the license. what that means is, EA probably would have to PAY a fine to NFL JUST to be able to NOT RELEASE a game on WiiU based on NFL license.

sherimae24132092d ago

yes i agree with you....
ea is voted as the worst company for nothing... and they ask why?! lol ^_^

i love some of their games though, i respect their in-house developers but i dont like EA as a company...
their rules, their microtransactions and its execs.... my god can i banish them? lol ^_^

lizard812882092d ago

That would be interesting. I heard EA owes money to gamers who bought madden whatever year for screwing over another football game, since they bought the rights. It was something really small, but then the courts changed the amount, because they lied or something, so I think it went up to $13 per copy that was sold, which could equal alot of negative money for EA, but then again, I heard this from my Manager who really doesn't play video games, so maybe this is all wrong.

Anybody know?

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NYC_Gamer2092d ago

Madden is garbage but Wii U can't afford to lack support from major publishers

mcstorm2092d ago

I agree I am not interested in this game and never will be as I don't like the sport but this sport is big in the US and this is one area Nintendo need to get into as MS will be strong again here next gen and Sony will be pushing to get a grip of the market to with the PS4.

That said seeing the support the 3DS is now getting from Nintendo I am expecting the WiiU to start getting this support come the 2nd half of the year.

Nintendo have tried to let the 3rd party games shine at the start of the console life but just like the 3DS they are not. For me Nintendo just need to start pushing there own IP's from the get go with there consoles and if the 3rd party games become a hit then great but if not the have more than enough IP's to push the console along and get strong sales.

lilbroRx2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Everyone can afford to not have EA.

This is not publishers(plural) this is one publisher.

It doesn't matter how big of a publisher EA is. They are corporate scum and they hold the title to prove it.

EA's support truly isn't needed at all in the world of gaming. EA itself is a cancer on the game industry. The gaming world would exist just fine without EA. In fact, it would probably improve.

NYC_Gamer2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

EA is a big publisher that puts out tons of software..Do you really think Nintendo doesn't want EA support?i dislike EA but i'm not gonna sit here act like their support isn't important in the world of gaming.

isntchrisl2092d ago

Nothing screams "strong partnership" like announcing zero Wii U games for the year, EA.

PigPen2092d ago

To be honest, I never like EA's madden football. I haven't played a football game since Sega had the 2k series back in the Gamecube days. Yo, that's a long time.

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