Muramasa Rebirth Shipments Reach 100,000 Units In Japan

Marvelous AQL seems to be having a successful run with the PlayStation Vita. Soul Sacrifice, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, and the vivid port of Muramasa: The Demon Blade have all sold fairly well in Japan.

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PopRocks3592091d ago

Bring it over to the west. All Vita owners deserve to try this masterpiece. I personally loved it on the Wii.

majiebeast2091d ago

Yeah now lets hope they remake and release Vanillaware's Grand Knights Historia(PSP) on Vita.

I missed out on the original cause i bought my wii when SMG2 released. And i forgot all about it so im glad they brought it to Vita. Loved Odin Sphere on PS2 and cant wait for Dragon's Crown.

sherimae24132091d ago

dont worry, it is already coming in june, besides im already saving up for it! ^_^

abzdine2091d ago

this is great news.. Vita has some great games

cero552091d ago

Pre-ordered already, really wish they weren't making us pay for dlc but oh well i like the game.

Sharius2091d ago

lol, only 35k on Wii? what kind of gamers they are?

MasterCornholio2091d ago

What kind of gamers own the Wii?

Nintendo fans and brain dead casuals.

That's why the game sold horribly on the Wii.

Motorola RAZR i

--Onilink--2091d ago

way to go on your reading skills.... 35k was the sales estimate for NA alone in the first couple of weeks when it was released. Its not 35k total. Worldwide the game sold around 500k. It was heavily discounted, but it did a pretty respectable sales number for a niche title

Arai2091d ago

Yes yes!

I'm getting the limited edition in 3 weeks through Amazon.
But man I really wish they would have released this on the PS3 as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.