Dead Island Riptide Review: Should Have Stayed Dead - Error! Not Found

"Let’s say that the first Dead Island was a survivor of a zombie apocalypse. He wasn’t the ideal survivor, but he had his quirks. You may not have wanted to stay around him for too long, so after you worked together for about 15-20 hours you left to go find your friend named Skyrim. Two years after leaving him, you decide to go back and find Dead Island, but all that is left of him is a shambling corpse that goes by Riptide."

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godslayer4291994d ago

these sites are pathetic, grasping at straws really, the game is a 3/5 at worst. get your heads out of your asses.

ZoyosJD1994d ago

It depends on your experience...

I played the first and *in my experience* it was glitchy as hell in environment, connections, plot progression in one instance, and didn't even save without manually changing a setting.

Story was honestly mediocre.

Gameplay was decent, but the game itself was far from smooth.

I know others have had great experiences with the game, but based on my experience it was the biggest flop I've played this entire gen. Truly an over-hyped, underdelivering, unfinished product.