Nintendo boss says company must give gamers better value for money

Nintendo says it is becoming more difficult to satisfy consumers willing to spend money on full price games. The Japanese company's president Satoru Iwata told investors it needed to take more time over forthcoming titles. He said developers needed to add the final touches that are increasingly demanded by a gaming audience seeking added value for money.

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PopRocks3591999d ago

Well, at least he has good intentions. Now he and his company must deliver.

LOL_WUT1999d ago

Good intentions? He had since november to address the issues. ;)

PopRocks3591999d ago

How about not taking my comment out of context? He says "developers needed to add the final touches that are increasingly demanded by a gaming audience seeking added value for money."

That sounds like good intentions to me. And as I said before, now they need to deliver. If there's something else in my comment you'd like to nitpick, by all means go ahead.

Realplaya1999d ago

Damn this LOL_WUT dude flip flops on his Nintendo comments.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1999d ago

@ Realplaya
LOL_WUT flipflop?
Nonono, he is almost always anti-Nintendo.

Even the times where I have sort of seen his point, he usually takes the comment too far.

Sometimes he is funny though, sometimes.
I like to think that there is humor in his comments but I think it's only because of Sonic's laughing face.

Right now, I definitely Agree with PopRocks359
LOL_ WUT you took him out of context (if you care).

3-4-51999d ago

At least they admit when they are wrong and need to improve...That is the first, and a very important step to fixing things.

kirbyu1999d ago

Good article, but why is the logo for the DK Nintendo Land game up there?

The Great Melon1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I presume the author is trying to work off the title of the DK Nintendo Land game by using the standard meaning of 'crash course.' The article talks of Satoru Iwata trying to inform the investors of the current gaming environment. So, in essence -- 'a short and intense training course in something.'

iGAM3R-VIII1999d ago

lol you are 100% right :P I did choose that pic for those reasons

grassyknoll1999d ago

A Nintendo version of PS Plus with Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 & Gamecube classics would be ace.

animegamingnerd1999d ago

they sort of do with club nintedo

Rainstorm811999d ago

Club Nintendo is nothing like that

josephayal1999d ago

C'mon nintendo, my Wii U has been serving as a $350 web browser for my bedroom

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The story is too old to be commented.