Yet another retailer selling Wii U for £149 ($218)

Another European retailer, this time ASADA Direct, is selling the Wii U 8GB set for £149 ($218) and 32GB Set for £199 ($310). Get yours now while they're still available.

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Qrphe2048d ago

Awesome for the consumer

rajman2048d ago

Cant believe I payed £100 more for the 32gb set only 6 months ago o_0

LOL_WUT2048d ago

That's a pretty good deal for those who are in the UK. ;)

Moonman2048d ago

Could this be a sign of a price cut coming? That would be a awesome price cut.

majiebeast2048d ago

If they are gonna cut the price its in Q3-Q4 with the new Mario kart,Mario 3D,Wonderful 101,Pikmin 3 and WiifitU. I doubt they will even do this Iwata wants a 100billion(1 billion dollars) yen profit in this fiscal year. The wiiU is only profittable when it sells with 1 game. So lets say they cut the price by 50-100$ that would mean it now needs to sell 2-3 games with each system unless they managed to already bring manufacturing costs down.

What the retailers here in Europe are doing is trying to get rid of that November-December shipment. They probably thought it would sell out, but instead it did decent but not what they expected. So now they want the warehouse space the wiiU's are taking up for other products that just sell better, even if it means taking a hit on it.

LOL_WUT2048d ago

@ Moonman I'd hope so ;)

2v12048d ago

let me call my psychic