Capcom: Mega Man Powered Up “Fails” SCEA “Testing Every Time,” Fighting Jam “Approved by Sony FQA”

We came across some semi-interesting news on the Capcom forums about the reasoning behind the lack of Mega Man Powered Up and other games on the PlayStation Network. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers2049d ago

I wouldn't mind playing it on the Vita if it were cheap.

ftwrthtx2049d ago

I don't want it if it's just some crappy shovelware.

legionsoup2049d ago

It's a good Mega Man game. Think, Mega Man, but with great, stylish graphics. Been out forever on the PSP.

Larry L2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Mega Man Powered Up was actually REALLY good, assuming of course you think Mega Man 1 was good. It was an exact recreation basically of MM1 with 3-D assests and story elements added, gameplay was still 2-D though obviously. Some other extras added as well. Everything they added made it better too, none of it felt tacked on to cash in.

Another great feature it had was a level creator, and you could share your levels online. IMO it's one of the best PSP games ever.

I have been wishing they'd release it digitally since I upgraded to a PSP Go. That and the 20th Anniv. versions of FF1 and 2 are really the only physical PSP games I had that I wanted to buy again digitally for my Go and now my Vita which weren't digitally released.

Everyone who played it liked Powered Up too. Critically well recieved as well. I thought for sure Capcom would get right to making Powered Up 2. I was shocked it didn't happen.

It's become FAR less important to me for Mega Man Powered Up to be released digitally since Capcom released the original Mega Man 1-3 PS1 versions which work and look great on my Vita in all their 8-bit glory. But I'd still buy Powered Up if it worked on my Vita just to have it on there with the original Mega Man games.

Wedge192049d ago

All these "quotes" are making "my head" really "spin" if you "know" what I'm saying.

dbjj120882049d ago

Oh well. Mega Man is dead to Capcom.

yewles12049d ago

GOOD GOD has Capcom made up excuses when it comes to Sony this gen...

zebramocha2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

@yewles1 do you have any up coming videos?and do you plans on doing more videos on the power of the ps4,xbox 720 or wiiu?

yewles12049d ago

I'm hoping to make SOME KIND of vid on that this month. Too much on my queue ATM.

oof462049d ago

Mega Man = Keiji Inafune = Capcom saying no.

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The story is too old to be commented.