Next Gen to Respawn Exclusive Deals, PS4 and Xbox 720 Industry Pains

The next generation is almost here, but with both the PS4 and the next Xbox thought to release within weeks of each other, every exclusive will count. The Daily Reaction duo of Seb and Dan discuss which console will receive more launch exclusives, why Microsoft is pursuing 3rd party exclusives and why that hurts everyone. - PSLS

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alexcosborn2022d ago

Things are gonna get ugly.

GameNameFame2022d ago

PS4 is permanent exclusives.

and Next box 3rd party exclusives will come to PS4 after a year.

GalacticEmpire2022d ago

There really is something unnervingly shady about third party exclusive deals. I always imagine a backroom with loads of goons playing poker where money changes hands and 'things get done'.

MikeMyers2022d ago

Like Virtua Fighter 5 and Final Fantasy XIII? The damage is already done after a year. Sony did this with Grand Theft Auto on the PS2. I think it's pretty safe to say that was a smart move. It also came out later on the Xbox.

I don't see why so many have issues when Microsoft does it other than they hate Microsoft and love Sony.

showtimefolks2022d ago

let's see E3 will be a lot of fun to watch, also ms should show few new games on may 21st to give a taste of whats to come at E3

i would be really surprised if EA let respwan go to MS, they have a contract and even if their partners program ends, they will still finish the games in development. Also EA went through legal trouble for respwan because Activision accused EA of stealing away their talent so it will be very hard to imagine EA saying go ahead

we are excited about a new IP we know next to nothing about, also i would much rather MS invest that money into small development teams and let them work on some new Ip's

sooner or later 3rd party exclusives end up on other consoles

GameNameFame2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

They just dont blindly love MS like you do.

I can afford to wait a year for more patched balanced DLCs included version of Next box's 3rd party exclusive on PS4.

MikeMyers2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I blindly love Microsoft? If you're going to make wild accusations please show me where that's what I do.

It does make good business sense to have timed exclusives. I never said i prefer it. Most game sales happen in the beginning. How well did Oblivion sell on the PS3 compared to the Xbox 360? How about Bioshock? How well did GTA sell on the PS2? Now look at how GTA sells on the PS3 and Xbox 360. That isn't blind love towards Microsoft, it's what we call reality.

I also imagine Battlefield sells better on the PS3 in comparison to how well Call of Duty does compared to the Xbox 360. Both are shooters but Call of Duty is heavily marketed on the Xbox 360 and they also got timed exclusive DLC. Is saying that mean I'm blindingly loving Microsoft? Just because you can't say two good words about Microsoft doesn't mean everyone else has to be like that. It's called being rational.

DOMination-2021d ago

Nobody on this site had a problem with Ni No Kuni being a third party party exclusive. where were the articles then saying how bad it was for the industry?

I think more exclusives are better. For each console. This gen they had an identidy crisis, a few games aside they were pretty much the same. This time around id like to see them more defined.

Oh_Yeah2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

@MikeMyers the difference is while Sony does get 3 party exclusives from time to time, they also have plenty of their own 1st party exclusives... Something Microsoft does not, that is their problem.

MikeMyers2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

"MikeMyers the difference is while Sony does get 3 party exclusives from time to time, they also have plenty of their own 1st party exclusives... Something Microsoft does not, that is their problem."

Fair enough but again why is it a problem when Microsoft gets 3rd party timed exclusive deals and not for Sony and Nintendo? Obviously Microsoft is trying to be more attractive in comparison by telling people this is the console you should get the game on. It's no different than Sony getting GTA on the PS2 or Virtua Fighter on the PS3. Resident Evil on the Gamecube as well. If 1st party games are more important to you then support the system that you like those games on. This isn't about 1st party exclusives.

I myself don't think any 3rd party developer should be favoring one system over the other. They should do away with exclusive deals and let the 1st party games sell the hardware. Unless those 3rd party titles were made solely for that unique hardware like Wii motion controls at the time. However there has always been 3rd party deals and there likely always will be. People cannot pick and choose what they think is more 'ethical' just because they like one company more than the other or one has a better 1st party library.

shadow27972021d ago

The only third party exclusives I don't like are ones that happen during already an established series. Like Splinter Cell Conviction or Resident Evil 4. Fans of the series can't play the game on hardware that lets them play the other games in the series.

If it's a new IP, it's less of a deal to me.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2021d ago

lol PS4 gets extra Destiny content day 1!!

But the game look kinda ok so far.

GameNameFame2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I just heard sales talk too many times and stereotype people.If i am wrong, my mistake.

As for sales, I dont care.

As I said, I can afford to wait 1 year for DLC included plus patched version of the game. Not to mention cheaper prob.

Also, I never said it wasnt a problem when Sony and Nintendo do this crap 3rd party exclusives.


I dont care for extra content unless its essential.

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Aceman182022d ago

for me this is not a big deal i know what games i'll be getting for PS4. as for 720/whatever its called i won't be buying it as i won't pay to play online.

plus Respawn one game wouldn't be enough for me to shell out $400-500 for it, and im not going to pay full price for half a game.

JeffGUNZ2021d ago

Dude, buy whatever you want, but don't kid yourself. PSN+ was nothing more then Sony testing the waters of a paid subscription base to it's users. Their is nothing wrong with a paid subscription as long as the price justifies the content you receive. That being said, all those features we saw at the 02/20/2013 Sony reveal, Cloud based storage, Gaiki, sharing features, and all the other cool stuff they will show is going to cost us. Companies can't continue to provide more technological features and cool add-ons at no charge.

Aceman182021d ago


i said "pay to play online" this i refuse to do period. yes i subscribe to PS+ but i can still play online for FREE, and besides PS+ is optional i don't need it to play online

zeal0us2022d ago

Doubt it, if anything it will be quite the opposite. MS gaining Respawn exclusive won't hurt Sony since Sony already got a portfolio of exclusives.

Gaining Respawn exclusive really won't do anything to MS market they're a billion dollar corporation. One single game can't mass enough damage to half their market.

3 party exclusives doesn't ruin it for anyone. It's one of the driving factors when some consumer buys a new consoles.

jutt2021d ago

"Respawn is developing a multi-platform product based on new video game IP and funded through its publishing deal with Electronic Arts"

source :-

MYSTERIO3602021d ago

it seems we may have a lot more timed exclusivity deals from MS

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TrendyGamers2022d ago

DLC exclusivity is pretty much a given for Ghosts.

doctorstrange2022d ago

Exclusivity that doesn't actually take advantage of the single hardware just sucks. That counts for all platforms, mind, as they all do it (just MS usually more often).

I want my exclusives to make use of the console's particular specialties.

Utalkin2me2022d ago

That's why i have nor will buy any DLC from Activision published game, period.

Wedge192022d ago

The fact the Ghosts is being featured at the 'Box' event on the 21st pretty much assures that exclusivity content will be prevalent next gen, stronger than ever.

JeffGUNZ2021d ago

and it also shows me that the nextbox will release no later then 11/05/2013.

Jek_Porkins2022d ago

So PlayStation Life Magazine takes issue if Microsoft has the money to buy third party exclusivity? That is shocking /s

They are also going on and on about more rumors from Kotaku of all places, not sure I'd buy into Microsoft having so many issues internally that they wont have any games to launch with.

DragonKnight2022d ago

The fact that you couldn't see that the article was pretty fair and well thought out before you made your comment shows where your mind was and that it wouldn't matter what they said. You apparently completely missed the point.

Jek_Porkins2022d ago

Actually I didn't miss the point, I read the entire thing. I would agree that from a standpoint of Respawn Entertainment they'd take a loss from a market, but the rest was speculation over rumors.

If it hadn't mattered, I wouldn't have bothered to click on the article in the first place.

DragonKnight2022d ago

The first part of your comment attempt to discredit the article based on the name of the site. This leads people to believe one, or all, of 3 things. First, you're a fanboy. Second, you didn't read the article. Third, you read the article and didn't get it. That's all on you.

The second part of the article merely reinforced the first part of your comment and what it means. They were clear to state that these are rumours coming from a site they don't exactly hold in the best regards. They only included the rumours for the sake of discussion, not because they believe the rumours or are endorsing negative Xbox 720 rumours. The article had no bias present in it and yet your comment reeks of the implication that it does based solely on the name of the site.

JeffGUNZ2021d ago

@ Jek_Porkins.

Actually, Respawn will not lose money in the market being exclusive to MS. The amount of money MS probably threw at them will more then likely cover that loss. Plus, MS has backed COD so much that a lot of non-hardcore gamers who don't know any better would think COD is only for the xbox, since MS backs their advertising. Respawn comes from IW, they know MS is a horse that is going to bring them places.

KwietStorm2022d ago

PlayStation Life Magazine?

hazardman2022d ago

I was thinking same thing it don't make sense. I mean they got the reveal date out and then said that Full launch lineup will be shown at E3.

jeffgoldwin2022d ago Show
DragonKnight2022d ago

@jeffgoldwin: Yay, I have another fan. Seems that you have some reading problems though as I never said the author's opinion was fact (go ahead and read my comments and you won't find that at all) or that the rumours were legitimate (that's an oxymoron), and the "no bias" part is accurate. Try to find blatant Playstation fanboyism in the article and quote it, I'll wait.... none? Thought so.

And finally, I find it hilarious that you accuse me of being a fanboy despite your clear focus on me and your personal attack on me even though you got all of your facts wrong and I in no way made a positive or negative statement towards any platform.

Thanks for being a fan. Ciao.

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Evil_Ryu2022d ago

Those guys at respawn entertainment are extremely talented they were the brains behind the first modern warfare before the franchise went down the toilet.

dalibor2021d ago

That is true and people should not forget that. But you have to remember this industry is always ever changing. People jump boat and sometimes just sometimes... developers do lose their charm that made them well liked and all. Lets see what Respawn does and hopefully things turn out for the better.

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