Preview Gears of War at Select EB Games This Week

EB Games newsletter subscribers were alerted to an after-hours video preview event being hosted this Saturday at select stores throughout the United States. You will have to call your local shops to see if any of them is getting in on the action.

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dude, the last thing i want to be doing is hanging out after store hours in a small room with eb games employees...


Microsoft Restores Matchmaking Functionality For The Original Gears Of War Trilogy

Xbox resurrects Gears of War trilogy servers and fixes matchmaking, reigniting multiplayer gameplay for the fans.

4Sh0w58d ago

Great. The original Gears of War is one of my all time favorite games. I will never forget the trailer, also one of the best game trailers of all time.

Yui_Suzumiya57d ago

Damn, that trailer brings back some memories

TheExecutioner58d ago

Now that Microsoft bought big studios, they instructed their original useless first party studios to go back and fix old games match making.

GhostTurtle58d ago

that doesnt even make any sense.....

Abnor_Mal58d ago

Really liked the first 3 Gears, wasn’t my system so never got a chance to fully delve into, but campaigns were good from what I remember.

jznrpg58d ago

Third one was meh . First two were decent

Darkwatchman57d ago

Third is arguably the best one with the most impressive campaign because it could pull off the full scale uncharted-like set piece campaign design while making it work with 4 players all the way through. Master class in game design to pull that off as well as they did.

Also, its multiplayer was the most balanced in the series without the gnasher being the whole entire meta. There was actually use to other weapons *gasp*

UltimateOwnage58d ago

Okay, this is a nice move. I love me some original GOW before the franchise got sold. GOW 2 is the reason I bought an XBOX 360c and it’s still amazing multiplayer.


Gears Of War Studio Is Donating 1% Of Revenue For Suicide Awareness Month

Microsoft's The Coalition studio has partnered with Crisis Text Line.

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Crows90377d ago

Absolutely. By now everyone should be plainly aware of suicide.

When life has no meaning for you and all you see is the bad suffering crap in your life. Never before has there been so many suicides and never before has there been such an enormous society completely alienated from each other. This is one reason I didn't like the shutdowns. Suicides and depression sky rocketed like you wouldn't believe. As much as we like to think mankind is evil and how horrible people can be...people need people.

I'm all for companies pitching in for universally good causes.

Noskypeno377d ago

It's wrong for kids to laugh at another kid saying his grandma died from covid, it's also wrong to shutdown the universe and only have contact through the internet. The people who are either vulnerable or want to be locked down until every last person no longer is infected should do so. The people who want the freedom and want to show their faces should do so too, its sad to hear an elementary school kid talk about not seeing his classmates faces and not communicating clearly.

I don't want to downplay the pandemic, because it was bad, but the media and the people pulling the strings deserves some flak for saying a man that had three bullet holes in his head died from covid just because he had covid.

Crows90377d ago

Anyone laughing at anybody's death should be spanked like a child. Of course the vulnerable should be protected. Makes you wonder whyd someone would send covid positive patients to nursing homes. Geez.

CBaoth376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

but the problem is, Coaltion is essentially donating 20 cents on every 20 dollars YOU spend. If it was THEIR money they would've announced they were gonna donate 1% of LAST month's sales with suicide awareness. Now, they sit on a sales boon created by customer's generosity, accrue interest 10x more than the donation itself, and use the donation as tax relief next year! Certainly for a good cause but not very altruistic, is it?

I know better than anyone all companies do it. My company asks for pediatric donations. Last year alone they donated 3.3 million to combat terminal illnesses with children. There's nothing more on Earth that pulls at my heartstrings than seeing a child and their family have to endure that. But it definitely pisses me off knowing my company does it for the financial windfall and not because they care. At the end of the day though, that 3.3mil will do more good than I could have ever hope to give. I guess we'll always have to struggle with the eternal debate, do the ends justify the means?

porkChop376d ago

I understand where you're coming from, and I do agree.

rippermcrip377d ago

I don't want to teardown a good cause.... but who exactly is buying any of these games att his point?

MadLad377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

You'd be surprised.
Even with Gamepass, the Gears games typically rank amongst the most sold anytime there's a big sale.
It's harder to track on Xbox.

Godmars290377d ago

By what measure if MS isn't reporting those numbers?

And what does it really mean if by "sale" the game's being sold at a discount? Could be talking about $2-5?

If we're talking 10k sales at $5 that 1% of 50k or $500.

MadLad377d ago (Edited 377d ago )


I've never seen Gears of War Remastered, Gears 4, or Gears 5 nearly that low in any sale.

Like I said, even being on Gamepass, even during large sales with many games on sale, they tend to be some of the biggest sellers. There a lot of people still buying the Gears series even after years of being released.
There's a lot more digital sales than I think you would assume.

HardKnockKid24377d ago

Your first thought should have prevented your second thought. Smh

Crows90377d ago

Not huge but not insignificant either.

Melankolis376d ago

1% revenue is quite many. Means if they take 30% profit from their revenue, they actually give 3% and so on.

I believe you regularly give more than 1% of your revenue that's good, but as a company whose behavior is always driven by profit, the executives deserve credit.

MadLad377d ago

1% more than 99% typically give.

moriarty1889377d ago

Very nice of them. A good cause for sure.