Talking Point: It's Time for a 3DS Storage Upgrade From Nintendo

Nintendo Life: When the 3DS was launched, it didn't even have an eShop to enjoy, and even after the online store arrived the pack-in 2GB SD card seemed perfectly adequate. With a mix of Game Boy Virtual Console titles, the odd 3D Classic and the first flashes of download-only titles from third parties, the number of blocks offered up by the included storage was enough for even the most enthusiastic of early adopters.

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Root2089d ago

I think they need to announce a new redesigned 3DS at E3....3DS Lite with the second circle pad and everything

shivvy242088d ago

i doubt the second circle pad will be included , its just like the psp

3-4-52088d ago

Isn't the regular 3DS the "lite" version anyway. I have one and I love it, but I if I buy another one it would definitely be an XL.

I can't see too many people wanting to downgrade in size again just for the extra analog stick.

PopRocks3592089d ago

I assume they mean what gets packed into the system? Makes sense considering that game sizes are getting larger and larger. I heard Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D has a massive file size.

That said the system itself is fine. I believe a firmware update made it compatible with 128GB SD cards. I may get one if my 32GB ever runs low.

AdvanceWarsSgt2089d ago

Yeah, I'd say instead of increasing the onboard memory, it would be better to pack each 3DS with a bigger SD card (8-16 GB instead of 2-4 GB)

stragomccloud2089d ago

What's the big deal? Buy a bigger SD card! I mean, Nintendo went with standard SD cards, so they are really cheap.
Standard 32 gb SD cards are around $25.

Grimicyn2088d ago

Ya, the SD cards are so cheap, there really isn't an issue.

I just picked up a 3ds and was thinking of going digital until I called customer service. Your downloaded titles are tied to the system, not an account. So if you delete your game, lose your system (it happens), or want to free up space for another, you cannot download it again. You have to call them and the tech said under special circumstances, they allow you to download it again. Until Nintendo goes the route Sony/Microsoft go, I am sticking to retail hard copies.

deafdani2088d ago

Not completely true. If you lose the system, yes, you lost the games forever. However, if you delete any of your games, you can always redownload them again from the eShop, as many times as you want.

Grimicyn2088d ago

Really? That is not what the rep told me. I got super mario 3d world as part of a promotion and he said if I delete it, it is gone. Is there a download history for games you purchase?

TwinDad2088d ago


Not directly in front of my system, but it is buried.

You have to go to the store, then settings/other. Scroll, there is a purchase history (could be called download history).

deafdani2088d ago

@Grimicyn: yes, really. If the rep told you that, then he has no idea what he's talking about. As long as it's the same system (be that a Wii, a DSi, a 3DS or a Wii U), you can redownload the content from their respective shops as many times as you want.

As TwinDad above me pointed out, in the 3DS's case, it's in the settings/other button in the eShop. That button is located at the far left, if I remember correctly.

Interface232088d ago

Grim, if you delete the game it's still available for redownload from the eShop but ONLY on that system

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