Top 5 Boxes in Video Games

As part of The Married Gamers Top 5 week writer, Shane Baily, takes a look at the top 5 boxes that have been used in video games.

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Pozzle2021d ago

I laughed at the thumbnail!

MikeyDucati12021d ago

Se7en? Brad Pitt? ohhhhhhh, I get it! Clever! You know, Snake sneaking around in cardboard box is always funny to me. I just follow the guards, tip toeing and then stop when they turn around. I crack up everytime.

-GametimeUK-2021d ago

You say "box" and you say game "game" and the first thing that comes to my mind is MGS. I would never call theball from pong a "box".

ironfist922021d ago

Must be a slow news day...