Android Arena App Launched By Green Throttle Games; Converts Android Devices Into Game Consoles

Green Throttle Games has launched a challenge to console dominance with the free Android Arena app, which allows gamers to connect their Android device to the TV. Gamers can play in their living room with up to 4 players using the custom-built Atlas controller. Should Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo be worried?

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millzy1021995d ago

yeah if phones can get halo, uncharted and zelda lol but seriously console games have the quality and replay value that phone games do not have. also big publishers won't fully support this as they would like to keep selling big AAA games that make them money that phones cannot do, they won't let something like this damage there AAA market that will only be released on consoles and pc. would I rather buy a ps4 (as I already have a Wii u) or download a shitty free app, I think I'm going to give Sony money.

Highlife1995d ago

I think the only console that should worry is Ouya.

hellvaguy1995d ago

Can u use your ps4 like a hand held on the go? Your comparing apples to oranges.

Sithlord-Gamble1995d ago

No ... but my Vita says hello!

KingOfArcadia1995d ago

Nice try, but that still won't get my to play games on my tablet. Why would I want to do that when I already have much better games available on my console. Might be nice for the people who actually like mobile games, but this can't be taken as a serious threat by any stretch of the imagination.

jeffgoldwin1995d ago

If your not playing any games on your tablet, your doing it all wrong.