Bubble Bobble Revolution DS faulty, stops at level 30

Taito's Bubble Bobble Revolution game for Nintendo DS has a game-halting bug in the U.S. version. Apparently in the big boss battle in level 30 the boss never appears, meaning that the game just sits there on an empty level waiting for a boss who will never come.

All faulty cartridges will be replaced 8-10 weeks from now.

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Bubble-bursting fun with Bub and Bob - Bubble Bobble vs. Bust-A-Move

"Taito's arcade library remains one of the most impressive in gaming history so let's revisit 2 of their most iconic series and see which one offers better bubble-busting games." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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VideoChums1710d ago

Don't forget to vote for your favourite retro bubble-buster at the bottom of the article! 🎮😄


Worst Videogame Bugs of All Time: From Game-Ending Glitches to Data-Destroying Nightmares

"We've all been there. Back to the wall. Knee-deep in the dead. When all of a sudden... the screen freezes. Congratulations, you just wasted six hours of your life. And man, did you get off easy.

Because some bugs do more than freeze your game. They can erase save files, ruin other games, and even damage the hardware they're played on.

They are... The Worst Videogame Bugs of All Time. "

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Muckbeast5171d ago

Oh my goodness. I personally experienced that bug ridden Pool of Radiance. It was a good game spoiled by bugs. Thankfully I didn't try to uninstall it before the patch.

This article brings back a lot of (bad) memories.

Madusha5170d ago

Wow lol, Imagine encountering the Oblivion: Shivering Isles bug. You'll just suicide after playing for 150 hours and your game stops working.

"After installing the Shivering Isles expansion pack, all would be well until the 150-hour mark. Then it's game over, man! Game over! Six scripts controlling the movement of some city guards slowly ate up resources until no new items could be created or dropped. (Obviously, this could cause a few problems...) Even better, the problem strikes even if you never go anywhere near the new areas. Joy! "

Lifewish5171d ago

pretty solid article though your site needs some work, some stuff hard to read

Madusha5170d ago

Agreed, article is very nicely written. The whole website has excellent content quality but the design really needs work.

Keep up the good work

poindat5170d ago

...Despite being 3 years old.

Contributer fail.

Graffin5171d ago

Some pretty scary stuff in there!

Milky Joe5171d ago

That was a damn god article. Funny too.

I especially like the mention of the Ladybugs at the end. Classy stuff :D

jpymai5171d ago

Gotta love the ladybugs :)

ReservoirDog3165171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

I only remember one bug. I still remember it till this day...

I think the game was called Croc and it froze (no memory card either) on the ending cutscene.

I never played it again.

edit: Also, one time my 360 version of Oblivion would take about 3 minutes to load anything. Don't know why it happened.

Stopped my Oblivion addiction though. So, in retrospect, it was actually a good thing.

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Brothers in Arms DS hands-on with screens and gameplay videos

In Nintendo DS terms, Ubisoft's Gameloft division is best known for the Asphalt: Urban GT series as well as the port of Splinter Cell, games that aren't really that noteworthy in the dual-screen handheld's library. After playing the team's Brothers in Arms DS, Gameloft could have their first massive hit on the portable. IGN will hold off any final thoughts for when they review this release in a few weeks, but so far this game is one impressive handheld experience.

ItsDubC6024d ago

Wow, this looks really fun and engaging (no pun intended). This game's officially on my radar.