Intel Takes on AMD/ATI, NVIDIA in Graphics

In an architectural briefing today, Intel's VP and Director Steve Smith talked about Intel's direction with Nehalem, multi-core processors and highly programmable architectures. With information about Nehalem available to the public in great detail, the highlight topic of the conference was Larrabee, Intel's entry into discrete graphics.

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BludoTheSmelly4573d ago

Intel's a powerhouse on the engineering side, if they can output high end chips at low cost, thats big trouble for amd/ati, and nvidia.

Crazyglues4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

competition on Graphic cards, having just two to choose from just doesn't seem to be enough. Especially when your trying to build a dream PC like I've been trying to do for the last 3 months.

And I've always wanted to have another option. So with intel coming out with this card, should spice things up and give a really great option for system builders.

I have been looking at systems in this magazine below in the back.. ( check it out )...

I want to build something hot like that falcon PC but for under $2000 dollars.

If anyone can help or give advice? I'm very open to ideas...

I just want to build something that can run Crysis in Direct 10 with no problem and do video editing like it's nothing.

f4nb0i4572d ago

Whatever intels building it does not seem to be along the same pathway as existing GPU's

I dont think they be gunning the extreme top end personally. Good price/performance in the midrange is my bet. Just my opinion.