PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4 Preview

Hideo Kojima is at it again. The creator of Metal Gear Solid 4 hands the murderous Metal Gears a starring role in the latest footage, only to make them moo like cows and piss themselves like babies by the end. The eight-minute-long wrongness that goes on in his brain can be seen on next month's DVD, but CVG already seen Metal Gear Solid 4 in action and can spill the beans for you, right now.

The story begins with soldiers from the private military corporations being transported on trucks into the dusty, desert town seen in previous trailers. A mine blows the wheel off the lead truck, flipping it over and forcing the next vehicle in line to swerve past. One soldier is thrown from the back and left dazed in the middle of the road where he's viciously squished by the next truck. As the lead truck's troops stagger to their feet, they're caught in the blast of the vehicle. So far, so brutal.

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specialguest5893d ago

it seems like they're describing the TGS clip we've already seen.