Buy Tomb Raider PC For Only $20

OOG from STFUandPLAY writes, "That’s right! GreenMan Gaming is at it again, offering another great deal for all you PC gamers out there. This time around you can get the new Tomb Raider for the low price of only $20."

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OOG3806d ago

I can't wait to see what they do with the story next I really liked this game a lot. My only issue was that I wished for more puzzle solving and tombs to explore.... and of course Lara's mansion.

BattleAxe3806d ago

I didn't realize that you can trade-in digital games over at Green Man Gaming. I've been saying that Steam should come up with some kind of incentive system through trading in digital copies of games for the last few years. I might have to give GMG a second look.

OOG3806d ago

you know what I only just noticed that today as well... so maybe it is something new?

Ducky3805d ago

The feature has been there for a long time.

Only works for games that use Capsule (GMG's game client) and I haven't yet found much use for it aside from trading-in the free games that they give away at special occasions.

It usually ends up going along the lines of: You can buy a $7 game that has a trade-in value of $2... or just buy the same game for $5 from steam.

Razputin3806d ago

I was a huge supporter of Steam, and once I saw a lot of people advertising GMG, I made the switch.

I almost never have to buy a game through Steam anymore.

I use either GMG or Amazon for my games.

Good find, I don't buy digital only games at full price. If this had a physical release it would have been a day one release for me, but luckily the glitches and w/e have been cleaned out so I'm buying it.

Thanks for the heads up!

OOG3805d ago

yeah with most games being steam activated.... you are better off checking for deals...a lot of the ones I find are from gmg

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante3806d ago

Still isn't worth it. The game is garbage and isn't even close to being a Tomb Raider game. It's just a generic third person shooter where you shoot people and animals for XP. It has nothing to do with raiding tombs so I don't know why they tried calling this "Tomb Raider".

PersonMan3805d ago

Well, it was an enjoyable game to me.

Rageanitus3805d ago

The game is not garbage, but quite good. True its not a tomb raider game... but that is just a title... Get over it.

But they should have just renamed it to Lara Croft Origins... or something like that.

kevnb3805d ago

ill wait for it to hit even cheaper, I just got max payne 3 for $10


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Uncharted’s Loss Is Tomb Raider's Gain

Given that Naughty Dog is giving up on one of its staple franchises, now is the best time for Tomb Raider games to capitalize on that.

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jambola206d ago

It's not a loss to move on?

SullysCigar206d ago

This nonsense article also neatly sidesteps the fact that just because Naughty Dog are moving on from the franchise, that doesn't mean the franchise stops. ALL of the Uncharted games were amazing and the last one was a moving finale for Drake, but you can bet your bottom dollar the franchise will return after a well-earned hiatus with a BANG, even if it's handed to one of Sony's other studios to develop.

VenomUK205d ago

I love Uncharted (2 and 1 are my favourites). But there is such a thing as franchise fatigue especially with story or character driven games. So it makes sense to let a series rest, it’s good for the audience and it’s good for the developers who get to express their creativity on new projects. Like he⬆ said, it will return and if the gap is long enough that will be exciting for everyone.

Flawlessmic205d ago

Yea I don't see how naughty dog possibly giving us a new ip is a loss at all, it's exactly what I and most others want.

All the uncharted were awesome bit that series had its time now it's onto bigger and better things.

In 10 yrs time then sure I'd be up for another one but not now.

senorfartcushion205d ago

To some live service nonsense most likely.

I’ll be screencapping this reply for the time they do announce their new game.

It’ll be an open world Souls ripoff with microtransactions and events

KeeseToast205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Sony Bend did great work on Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Since it is unlikely we are getting a Days Gone 2 I would like Bend to continue the franchise (and finally port over Golden Abyss to any other platform then Vita 😞)

_SilverHawk_205d ago

It's silly to think that one of Playstations most successful franchise sony will stop making even after making a blockbuster film about it.

badz149204d ago


heck yeah! more of Eddie Raja please

fr0sty204d ago

Since when is not milking a franchise until it's diluted down to garbage like Call of Duty a bad thing? They have a golden franchise full of amazing games, no need to keep trying to squeeze more money out of it at expense of the quality of the game.

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CobraKai204d ago

I agree. I’m actually glad that they’re not just making more Uncharted titles just to keep the franchise going. It ended. It was great. Let it rest.

isarai206d ago

"Loss"? "Giving up"? Bowing out after 6 extremely successful entries is not a loss, nor is it giving up. It's a well earned retirement. And honestly i dont have much hope in TR anymore, especially after being bought by Amazon.

jambola206d ago

Yeah, especially from a team like naughty dog who are well known to change it up from generation to generation

robtion205d ago

Naughty dog have amazing talent and I traditionally bought all of their games day 1. That is until TLOU2 (which I bought and enjoyed until 1/2 way through). Woke garbage.

MadLad205d ago

They've been making the same two IPs since the PS3.
What exactly have then been switching up.

And I actually love their games; just trying to see what they've been actually switching up.

jambola204d ago

ps1, crash bandicoot
ps2, jak and daxter
ps3, uncharted / tlou

NecrumOddBoy205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Are people just going to ignore the last PlayStation games medley commercial? There is a new Uncharted game coming; it’s just not created by Naughty Dog.


Chevalier205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

"They've been making the same two IPs since"

Same guy who never criticizes Xbox for Halo, Forza, Forza Horizon, Gears studios for only ever having worked a single IP EVER. Hypocrite much?

Naughty Dog at least is working on a new IP and will average 1 new IP each generation. Which Xbox studios even make 1 new IP each gen?