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Asylumchild6256d ago

Lets take a poll.....
Call of Duty 3
Gears of War

Triggermvp6256d ago

Call Of Duty 3 by far. Gears of war online=4v4, Call Of Duty 3 online=12v12

borgome6256d ago

I'm getting both, oh yeaa bud.

Smellslikepie6256d ago

Gears of War.

It's a lot better graphically and isn't your standard shooting game. I don't really care how many people you can play against online, as I think that the 4v4 that Gears of War offers in perfect for that type of game, it's a team based game and I can't imagine communacting COMPLETELY with a 12 man team.

Call of Duty 3 is, to me, an updated version of Call of Duty 2. Whereas, Gears of War is unlike anything else. (I think it's disimilar to GRAW).

Of course, many people can read this the wrong way and think that I'm taking jab at the PS3, as it's not getting Gears of War, but I'm not. I'm sure it'll have games that push the bar like Gears of War does but at the moment I prefer Gears of War.

Cyclonus6256d ago (Edited 6256d ago )

(first one)

It looks amazing now. And 60fps, too.

eques judicii6256d ago

where does it say the ps3 version is running at 60 fps?? the latest i saw said it was running at 30... anyhow, the link you gave is for the standard ps3/360 trailer...

bohemian 236256d ago

I think Call of Duty 3 will be great but If you took the time to count every WWII game out there and than compare it to the 2 or three games that are may be similar to GOW I think you can figure out witch one most people are getting more excited about.

Optimus Prime6256d ago

who cares which one. They are both out on the same day. WOOT

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All Call of Duty Games Ranked from Worst to Best

BLG writes: "Call of Duty has to be the most recognizable franchise on the planet. They didn’t get that way by only making a handful of games.

COD has a long and storied career. Launching as a PC WW2 first-person shooter, Call of Duty has gone through numerous makeovers and been on just about every system. The series has gone through some serious highs and tragic lows. I’ll be looking at each Call of Duty game, the good the bad, and the ugly."

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UnSelf655d ago

Vanguard better be at the fkn bottom. Can’t believe ppl haven’t eviscerated that game with all its lacking

Minimoth655d ago

Yeah, it's close to the bottom. There are a couple of worse ones. Infinite Warfare definitely deserves its place.

KyRo655d ago

There's a number a lot worse than Vangaurd. It's also a lot better than that car crash Treyarch released before it.

XbladeTeddy655d ago

World at War is my favourite. Didn't know the N-Gage had a Call of Duty.

MadLad655d ago

Same for me.
I was never huge into Call of Duty, but I sunk a lot of time into WaW.
Both the campaign and the multiplayer are on point. Wouldn't mind a remaster.

I quit on CoD for a long while. Though I'm the odd man out that actually really enjoyed the campaign for WWII, being I got it through Humble monthly way back when.

TheLigX655d ago

I really enjoyed the Infinite campaign. Multiplayer... not so much.

Yppupdam655d ago

I agree, The Infinite campaign feels more like it's own thing that they slapped the CoD name on. If it stood on it's own, (sans the CoD name) I think it could have been it's own scifi franchise. And a damn good looking game, to boot. I never bothered to play the multiplayer.

victorMaje655d ago

MW 2019 apart from the desastrous file sizes is way better than AW.

MadLad655d ago

That was one I grabbed for Playstation because it pretty much just came out during the Redbox purge of videogames, and I got it for dirt cheap.

It was great coming home to an update every night, and watching one game eat up almost half my console's memory.

Amplitude655d ago (Edited 655d ago )

Will get disagrees but Infinite Warfare campaign was really good. Decent story, set pieces were amazing and if it didn't have the CoD game on it I'm sure people would have been more into it. Advanced Warfare was alright too. Titanfall 2 was just 1000 times better than both but I enjoyed them for their campaigns. I literally barely gaf about the story I'm in it for the set pieces and 5 hours of being stoned watching cool nonsense happen if I'm in the mood to play a CoD campaign. If I'm looking for a deep plot I'm gonna go somewhere else.
Ghosts was the worst story-wise though lol that cliffhanger ending was so bs.

Also MW 2019 was sick and is one of the best CoD games in yeeeears not sure why it's so low on this dude's list. Campaign was great, multiplayer was great and Warzone was fun for a while. Over it now but shrugs.

Beat the Vanguard campaign too but I can't even remember a single thing about it other than that it felt like it was 45 minutes long. Might be the most forgettable thing I've ever played lol just fully erased from my brain