Call of Duty 3 Website is Online

Want updated CoD3 screenies, wallpapers, news and videos...well look no further...

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Asylumchild5893d ago

Lets take a poll.....
Call of Duty 3
Gears of War

Triggermvp5893d ago

Call Of Duty 3 by far. Gears of war online=4v4, Call Of Duty 3 online=12v12

borgome5893d ago

I'm getting both, oh yeaa bud.

Smellslikepie5893d ago

Gears of War.

It's a lot better graphically and isn't your standard shooting game. I don't really care how many people you can play against online, as I think that the 4v4 that Gears of War offers in perfect for that type of game, it's a team based game and I can't imagine communacting COMPLETELY with a 12 man team.

Call of Duty 3 is, to me, an updated version of Call of Duty 2. Whereas, Gears of War is unlike anything else. (I think it's disimilar to GRAW).

Of course, many people can read this the wrong way and think that I'm taking jab at the PS3, as it's not getting Gears of War, but I'm not. I'm sure it'll have games that push the bar like Gears of War does but at the moment I prefer Gears of War.

Cyclonus5893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

(first one)

It looks amazing now. And 60fps, too.

eques judicii5893d ago

where does it say the ps3 version is running at 60 fps?? the latest i saw said it was running at 30... anyhow, the link you gave is for the standard ps3/360 trailer...

bohemian 235893d ago

I think Call of Duty 3 will be great but If you took the time to count every WWII game out there and than compare it to the 2 or three games that are may be similar to GOW I think you can figure out witch one most people are getting more excited about.

Optimus Prime5893d ago

who cares which one. They are both out on the same day. WOOT

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