Advantages of releasing Alan Wake 2 as a launch game for the Xbox 720

Bubblews: "Although Alan Wake 2 is expected to be announced soon for the Xbox 720, it remains a mystery as to when the video game will be released. If Remedy Entertainment is smart, they would have developed the sequel as a launch game for Microsoft’s next generation system."

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NYC_Gamer1996d ago

It would be Microsoft decision since Remedy would need a publisher to fund the project

fermcr1996d ago

Alan Wake is one of the best games this generation. I hope they make Alan Wake 2.

jony_dols1996d ago

Remedy own the rights to the series; they should shop around with publishers & hopefully it will get a day 1 multiplatform release.

Eldyraen1996d ago

Personally I expect MS to have already funded it or at least talk to them about it.

Alan Wake was arguably one of the most unique and coolest exclusives the 360 had. Its sales aren't up to the other, bigger games but 2m is great for a new IP especially as not as mainstream.

Since MS is rumored to be wanting exclusive shows for Live I wonder if some will be game related... Alan Wake would be cool miniseries or movie.

ichimaru1996d ago

If MS had as much business sense as I suspect, its already being developed for durango. Seeing this at their may 21st event would be phenomenal

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I hope not. They should go else were and bring it to all platforms.

Remedy owns the rights.

maniacmayhem1996d ago

I'm really hoping it is announced soon. I really wanted to like the first one. Loved the set up, the atmosphere, the way they had the episode like chapters complete with music and scenes for the next episode.
Hopefully they make it the actual action a lot less monotonous than the first one.

Septic1996d ago

Yeah the action needs to be mixed up a little but I loved the atmosphere.

Jek_Porkins1996d ago

It would make an excellent launch title, the game has gone on to sell 2 million copies, it has a following, and I believe Remedy could take full advantage of the power of the next Xbox, maybe even making it more of an open world game.

It was one of my favorite new IP's this generation, so hopefully we see more of Alan Wake!

from the beach1996d ago

Some people had speculated it could be the mystery 'zombie game', which seems a bit of a stretch but not impossible.

Jek_Porkins1996d ago

Is that the zombie game being made by Undead Labs? I haven't heard a rumor of Remedy making a zombie game.

Undead Labs was working on State Of Decay and another unannounced zombie game for Microsoft.

from the beach1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

There was a rumour that the 720 launch lineup will be Ryse, Forza, a 'family game' and a 'zombie game'.

Some people had guessed the 'zombie game' could actually be Alan Wake 2.

I think Undead Labs stuff is separate to all of that - State of Decay on XBLA soon and a sequel further down the road.

Bosna981996d ago

Alan Wake 2 on new hardware would be sick!

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