Gran Turismo 5: Prologue - High Quality Ferrari F1 Screenshots

As some of you may have heard the Ferrari F1 2007 car is to be featured in GT5 Prologue, which gives us a fantastic excuse to publish lots of beautiful screens of the car in action.


If your having problems loading the page, try clicking on the alternative source for low quality screens

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decapitator5379d ago

Pure. Sex. Damn....Am typless......

Blademask5379d ago

Jesus christ!


Antan5379d ago

Take away the hugge AA these shots have and what you see is ingame, and holds up superbly as far as frame rate goes!

Antan5379d ago

Don`t hide behind you screens you little dark minion phantom disagreers you! You disagree because you think the game sports this much AA? Or disagree because you think the framerate takes it in the nuts and splutters like a 2008 Ferarri F1 judjing by yesterdays opener in Australia? Be men clickers of disagreement! come forth and share your wisdom! share with us....please!.....hehe.

Blademask5379d ago

Model Detail
Lighting engine

Some of you are confused on what Anti Aliasing is. Perhaps you should wiki it.

They have a beautiful engine going, and that is an understatement. when i said "hold up" It certainly does, and it looks great. Smoother edges or not, Gran Turismo is photo realistic.

Blow up an image from any other racing title, and hit it with 90x AA, that won't help it look any more realistic than it already is.

Antan5379d ago (Edited 5379d ago )

Perhaps you should read more carefully.

"Talking away the AA has nothing to do with:
Model Detail
Lighting engine

Correct, however i was merely talking about the level of AA used in these shots, hence the "Take away the huge AA these shots have and what you see is ingame". This is exactly the same visual fidelity you get minus the level of AA these shots portray. Its a well known fact the game uses [email protected] and [email protected]

Clearly you did not read or understand my comment, thus you went on a rather useles rant. Having had the JAP version since December and been in the PAL beta, i think im in a rather good position to make claims about the visuals. I am assuming of course you have not played it?

"Some of you are confused on what Anti Aliasing is. Perhaps you should wiki it."

Spare me the pleasure mate, ive been in this industry for the past 15 years and am fully aware of terminology and technicalities past and present.

pwnsause5379d ago

i know, in the blogging industry.

Antan5379d ago

"i know, in the blogging industry."

Lovely sense of humour.

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LOFT3165379d ago

I would liked them to have put a McLaren in there as well though

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