EA's Football Contracts Almost Up: A Decade of Lazy Football Titles Comes to An End

BigBoxGaming- " On Wednesday, April 24th, it was announced that Barry Sanders will grace the cover of the 25th edition of Madden, EA’s flagship football series.

And while I’m glad Barry is getting some additional props for his stellar carrier, and awesome highlight legacy, it is a good time to bring up the giant elephant in the room. Namely, EA’s exclusive rights to the NFL and NCAA stinks…sucks…is bad for gamers."

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caleb47791997d ago

Have been a huge Madden fan in the past, but since 2004 the quality has gone downhill severely.

NYC_Gamer1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I'll be so happy once 2K is allowed to make NFL & NCAA games again

MariaHelFutura1997d ago

Yep. The NFL2K team eats The Madden teams breakfast any day of the week. THEY deserve the 10 year licence, not EA.

caleb47791997d ago

With how well 2k is dominating the basketball genre, the overall quality of football games should be much better in three to five years.

That first new release will be pretty exciting though.

UnwanteDreamz1997d ago


Seriously NFL, never again.

caleb47791997d ago

Looks like it will be a NCAA title first due to the contracts that are still out there, but at this point who really cares.

2Ks next football game will be the first one I've bought in a while.

NYC_Gamer1997d ago

100% agree,i'd be happy with NCAA 2K.

happyguy2711997d ago

Won't matter if it is NFL or NCAA 2K's next football game will make a huge dint in EAs pocket, and should be an awesome game.

But I agree that year will probably see one of EA's biggest efforts because they know they have some competition, I still plan on buying 2K's though.

oof461997d ago

I think Visual Concepts will wait out until they can make an NFL game. While I would love to play a 2k football title as soon as possible, the NFL games were always head and shoulders better than the college football games.

Outside_ofthe_Box1997d ago

I'm praying to God that they don't extend it again. We need competition.

Williamson1997d ago

Nhl titles have gone down too in quality...Competition is good, inovation is more likely to occur through it.

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The story is too old to be commented.