XBox 3 Already Being Planned

Microsoft EMEA veep Chris Lewis says the company is already working on its next next-generation console because "we have to".

Preliminary work is already under way, he told UK games site Kikizo.

"You can't sit back on your laurels in this business - the consumer won't let you, the developers certainly won't let us. So that's happening right now," he said.

The research and development practices of the console division are "no different than any other part of Microsoft" though, he insisted.

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truth736254d ago

not even two years for 360 and already another in the works very sad

Tut6254d ago

Not necessarily. Let's hope they don't cut the lifeline like they did original XBox though. I would be pretty pissed.

specialguest6254d ago (Edited 6254d ago )

on average, a console's lifespan before upgrading last about 5-6 yrs. you can't just wait till the last couple of yrs before planning for the next successor or else you'll be late.

this is a smart and normal procedure most companies and also Sony, Nintendo, and Micrsoft do. this is the real world, and a new product just doesn't MAGICALLY get created within a yr or two of planning. it takes several years of planning before it is completely ready for production.

i read from an old video game magazine about plans for the PS3 way back during 2001, less than a year after the PS2 was released.

power of Green 6254d ago

Sony and Nintendo are also doing it. We know more about PS4 than we do about Xbox 720. Fact.

NextGen24Gamer6254d ago

Do you even understand how this stuff works? Do you think it only takes a year to create a new console? It takes several years. R & D ect.... I'm glad they are already thinking ahead. In 3 years I want a new console. Tech changes so rapidly....The ps2 was outdated when the xbox launched 2 years later. I couldn't stand playing a ps2 game after playing the original xbox. It just wasn't the same. So in 3 years...tech will be much more advanced....and I will be more than ready to move on to bigger and better things. After playing the 360 its hard for me to play original xbox games. So, complain all you want...Some of us gamers actually understand and we are ok with a console having a 5 year life cycle. once again....Thanks Microsoft.

power of Green 6254d ago

Don't come back in here with you're Ape brained thoughs.

Tut6254d ago

Are you all referring to my post as #2?

power of Green 6254d ago

Don't come back in here with you're Ape brained thoughs.

Tut6254d ago

You're an idiot then. I was the first person to say it wasn't necessarily a bad idea. So you actually disagreed with yourself initially, moron.

As for my comment on the XBox's support as of now, the console is almost literally dead. And by XBox I don't mean the XBox 360, I mean the original XBox. I thought I would clarify that for you since you don't seem to grasp text very well.

kmis876254d ago

Do you even realize what you typed? What you typed literally translates into this in English:

Do not come back in here with you are Ape brained thoughs.

From what I can tell you just called him and "Ape brained though," whatever a though is.

power of Green 6254d ago (Edited 6254d ago )

Have no idea what you're point is or if you're trying to insult me but coming in here hoping and praying MS doesn't cut them short when these guy's have been proven to be pro Sony is low. Sould i have said get out of here with you're hair brain logic. (don't come in here with you're ape brain thoughts)sounds better the way i said it the first time. I wish i knew what language you were speaking in post #4.4. And i'v been reading you're post "TUT" I don't buy you're BS you're mouth has you insulting people all over the board. You lean towards Sony don't lie you're about to fall over.

kmis876254d ago

You're is NOT a possessive. It means you are. Whenever you repeatedly make that mistake (even after I dedicated a post to pointing it out) it just makes whatever point you may have seem less valid.

And you did NOT say ape brained thoughts. You said "Ape brained thoughs." TWICE.

In any case, Tut's point should make perfect sense to you. Hopefully for all 360 owners or future 360 owners, the machine won't become obsolete in 2009. That's all he said in his post, and I think it's something that people can agree on.

power of Green 6254d ago (Edited 6254d ago )

Whatever! what kind of person goes around checking peoples spelling on the net. lol "though" was a copied and paste typo. TuT's a fan boy and spelling doesn't make peoples post more valid than others as proven by that Fanboy comment towards the end of your post. Now get off my Ballzz. Let us worry about what we spend our money on fanboy. come in here to post out of spite. LETS MOVE ON NOTHING TO SEE HERE. #11 IT MEANS SOMETHING TO THESE SONY FANBOYS THAT WON'T EVEN TOUCH 360 BUT WORRY MORE THAN WE DO.

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Eternal E 8086254d ago

knew anything about the xbox life cycle you would know that 2 years after the first xbox was released they were planing for its next console.

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