‘Battlefield 4’ PS4 and Xbox 720 potential release date listing clarified (Photos)

Electronic Arts has issued a short response in regards to a recent Xbox Live Marketplace update suggesting the upcoming PS4 and Xbox 720 video game, “Battlefield 4,” will be released in the year 2077. According to a statement from the official “Battlefield” Twitter page, a representative of the company confirmed that the release date is a glitch. He also disclosed that they will “make sure” the first-person shooter will be released in 2013. You can check out some screens from the PS4 and Xbox 720 first-person shooting title in the slideshow at the top of this article as well as the comments from the Electronic Arts representative below:

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Ken222978d ago

They will announce them at E3.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2977d ago

I hope the game is on next gen systems cause if not it wont be 64 player again like pc.