Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 on PS3 - Update

An article with some more info on yesterdays announcement from Terra Soft Solutions that their Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 distribution will be fully supported on the PS3.

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videl6257d ago

cant wait to turn off my windows pc and to turn on my ps3 with linux !

THWIP6257d ago

Yeah...good luck with that. :o

Maddens Raiders6257d ago (Edited 6257d ago )

Videl....Looks like you won't have to wait long to make that a reality and potentially "stack" and build your own P3 mini-monster. We don't know to what extent the OS is locked to outside software installation. Sony could potentially close the hardware to installing from outside Sony purchased software. For example, they could let you download Sony software at some cost from the Playstation network. Any independent developers would have to be approved through some process and distribute their software through the network as well. This essentially becomes an "Itunes" for the homebrew community (which may be a happy medium for the homebrew community and Sony). Another plus (as far as hacking goes) is that viruses aren't really a problem in Linux. I think this is very exciting, and soon PS3 will be the ultimate multimedia PC. I can't wait for the Linux community to get their hands on it and PIMP it out. Time will tell.

USMChardcharger6256d ago

This may be a dumb question. but i have seen many articles talking about Linux going to be on PS3. I have no clue what it is and have yet to bother with finding out.
So..what exactly is Linux? and why is everyone so excited about it coming to the PS3?

thanks in advanced to anyone taking the time to answer my (apparently) noob questions.

Marriot VP6256d ago

linux is famously known for being very moddable and hacker friendly. It's a different kind of OS that's basically completely open ended.

This could be bad news for the PS3 because with this and internet browsing, what's stopping users from downloading online hacks to ruin online play directly to their HDD. There's no need to modd the PS3 because you already have internet connection to a HDD.

nstott6256d ago

Sony is smart not to pre-install it on every ps3, but to allow it to be installed for people that want to do that and are willing to maintain the os and patch it. Otherwise, you could have a lot of hacked/zombie/infected ps3's.

CAPS LOCK6256d ago

Linux (also known as GNU/Linux) is a Unix-like computer operating system. It is one of the most prominent examples of open source development and free software; unlike proprietary operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X, its underlying source code is available for anyone to use, modify, and redistribute freely.

Initially, developed and used primarily by individual enthusiasts on personal computers, Linux has since gained the support of corporations such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and Novell, Inc., and has risen to prominence as an operating system for servers; eight of the ten most reliable internet hosting companies now run Linux on their web servers.

Linux has been more widely ported to different computing platforms than any other operating system. It is used in devices ranging from supercomputers to mobile phones, and is gaining popularity in the personal computer market.

nstott6256d ago

Linux is an operating system.

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