4 MMOs That Are Worth Watching For

Over the passed few years, there have been many games that attempted to get a wedge into the slightly monopolized genre of MMOs. Sadly, most of these titles usually didn’t have a large enough fan-base or income to support the servers and development; Leading to some rather impressive games to be inevitably forgotten. However, more and more games keep being, most of which are quite impressive. These are just a few of those games:

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DA_SHREDDER3188d ago

This game looks so sick, if this don't come consoles im gonna be friggin pissed.

_QQ_3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Good MMORPGs on consoles? since when?Key word, Mouse and keyboard.

Kamikaze1353188d ago

Elder Scrolls
Phantasy Star Online 2
Monster Hunter Online
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

In no particular order. Those are the 4 best looking MMOs coming out.

Pyrrhus3188d ago

What about archeage? I have some doubts about TESO but those 4 and AA are probably my top 5 best looking mmo's coming out.

Kamikaze1353188d ago

I'm still iffy about it. It reminds me too much of TERA....looks wonderful, but seems to lack substance.

Reverent3188d ago

Blade & Soul. I know it's been out in South Korea for awhile, but I think it's worth being included since it's supposed to be released globally later this year. Blade & Soul looks more fun than any of these games.

ATi_Elite3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Arche AGE
The Elder Scrolls
Everquest Next
Blade and Soul

Sorry I just can't do 4 cause these MMO's ROCK and they have different combat styles.

landog3188d ago

Monster Hunter Online may be very, very cool

there are SOOOO many good mmo's on pc, it really comes down to liking the lore and the setting and having a few good friends to play with


so many good games, and then in the free to play scene there are literally 100's that are great time kills and fun with a few friends or family

the amount of games on pc is truely staggering

in just one catagory pc has more exclusives than all other current/last gen consoles combined

ISNeko3188d ago

I almost loved GW2 but I like to be in an MMO and feel like I'm actually living there. The way GW2 was setup ruined any chance of immersion with it collectables and icons. Great game regardless tho.

Unlimax3188d ago

Blade & Soul .. nufsaid .

Embolado3188d ago

Gotta love those MMMO's to bad most require large time investments to reach end game, that is until the next big holiday patch/expansion. Had a great year+ with Rift, just no longer had the time to justify the subscriber fee.

* When will any of these MMO games come with their own voice servers? Not knocking on the third party options just curious when you can party up and instantly join chat without handing out server/app/password info.

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