Nintendo Wii or Tickle Me Elmo?

From : "We're not sure what's more disturbing, the fact that 50% of the people who look at the Wii on Amazon go on to buy TMX Tickle Me Elmo, or that a TMX Tickle Me Elmo even exists. It's been ten years since the first Tickle Me Elmo arrived in stores, hence the TMX (the x stands for ten) version. Is this one of the most telling stats about the audience the Wii is hitting? Admittedly, after watching the video for this guy it's hard not to want to get one, for the sheer horror value alone. This toy is going to make some kid psychotic later in life, and lead to a ton of therapy bills.

He may be cute and cuddly, and laugh like someone stoned out of their mind, but at nearly $150 for a new one, he's laughing all the way to the bank. At least the other 50% buy Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which will only set you back $49.90. Link or laughter -- you make the call."

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eepiccolo5896d ago

$150 bucks for that thing!? That's enough to pimp out a Wii! Wow, just, wow.

Arkham5896d ago

Well now moms can save on shipping by getting both items for their kids. ;)

kmis875896d ago

Did you guys see that youtube video for the Elmo doll. That thing is AWESOME. I'd pay forty bucks to get that thing anyday.

The wii is also a great deal for $250, imo.

Arkham5896d ago

Great price for great machine, but Elmo...? Hmmm.

power of Green 5895d ago (Edited 5895d ago )

The wii will fail, people will buy the Wii and then it will collect dust. Mario 59 and Zelda 30 won't keep consumers buying consoles forever. It's funny me saying this when i was the biggest Super hardcore Nintendo fan/boy? EVER!!!. Zelda should be deep(Adultish) like Olivion or Elveon or Thessis by now. Mario should be strange and grand like Odd World by now. I wish (NIN) the best of luck but after a few drunken parties and after the kidz piss mommy off jumping up and down in her 2nd floor apartment they'll go play out side and people will sober up.

ChickeyCantor5895d ago

whatever dude........its still your opinion

kmis875895d ago

You might prefer Oblivion and Oddworld to Zelda and Mario, but the majority(at least I think we're a majority, back me up old school nintendo fans) prefer Zelda and Mario.

power of Green 5895d ago

Has anybody seen the Island?, that's where Video games will be in the future. lol

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