Call of Duty 4 God mode - Untouchable

"This was shown by somebody on

This is the Xbox 360 version of COD4"

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Joey Gladstone4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

the whole team is simultaneously shooting and grenading him, and he is just knifing them all one man at a time lol.......even the Airstrike directly on his head didnt seem to phase him lol
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

4138d ago
mikeslemonade4137d ago

That is what COD4 needs more glitches. The game was too clean that's why I retired from COD4. In Resistance I played for months because of the cool glitches.

kalistyles4138d ago

I wonder what his record was at the end of the round.

iHEARTboobs4138d ago

Might not have been as great as you might think. It looked like he was left channeling his inner OJ at the end once his gun ammo ran out.

Apokalypsis4138d ago

Untouchable ...except for kryptonite....but even them you never really seem to die from it.

iAmPS34138d ago

These XTARDs are amazing, you will never see something like that ruining a gameplay on the PS3, ever.

NPerez4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

It's literally embarrassing to read things like this.

If you really know what a computer is, you'll realize that at the core, the PS3 and 360 and PC are all the same. There are differences, but none fundamental enough to say that a software exploit couldn't possibly work from one platform to another.

The fact that you insult people you don't know based on the video game system that they prefer really says a lot about your character. It's laughable and sad at the same time. I don't care if this is the open zone, or if that's just your 'gimmick' you like to parade around. It's a lot of bad attitude over something extremely trivial.

DruePhoenix4138d ago

yes because the PS3 is a pure and completely glitch-free console

iAmPS34138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

I suffer from multiple personalities, very sorry, here I am "iAmPS3" but well, I have a real life too, and honestly I am a nice guy there. But on N4G Open Zone I can say what I see fit.

You righteous uptight people can talk about whatever you want on the Gamer Zone, I respect that but, here is for the crazy minded.

NPerez4138d ago

Heh, fair enough, I guess I just needed to know that you people are capable of thinking realistically, else I would have lost all faith in humanity.

iAmPS34138d ago

It's funny you mentioned that cause sometimes I feel like N4G is a scape valve for a lot of people, like games, when you are upset/tired/frustrated and you turn on that online match on COD4 and hit a few head shots and.... BOOOMM.

The world changes.

We all have feelings and I always try to have fun reading the posts, I never thing that the person is actually meaning what they say, but just that we are all cracking at each other, know what i mean?

Take care!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.