A Lack of Vita-Lity

In his latest article for Zero1Gaming, Chris explains the 5 reasons he won't be buying a PlayStation Vita any time soon.

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beakeroo12633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Nobody cares why some heejit isn't buying a Vita.

Is there a way to disapprove a post?

thecurseddevil2632d ago

exactly,i dont understand these people,
they run a gaming site but are hesitant in buying a gaming platform.

admiralvic2632d ago

Yup, though I rather they didn't buy something they disliked and then trashed it. You got to figure if they didn't like it they would put a negative spin on Vita news, probably rate the games lower, etc.

chrish19902632d ago


If you're going to report on gaming related news, then you'd better be ready to play every game under the sun.

Salooh2632d ago

This is annoying. We get this shit every day. Why accept the same articles over and over?. It's not like they bring us something new -.-

TheRealTedCruz2632d ago

We see the same thing with WiiU on this site, but I never notice the same amount of people complaining they are sick of hearing the same slights against that.

duli142632d ago

I'm just waiting to buy one after the ps4 is released. Hope sony will do a ps4/vita bundle! looking forward to proper remote play aswel.

DragonKnight2632d ago

Click on the little gears at the bottom left of the picture and click on report. Then, if none of the options suite your reason to report the article, click on Lame and provide a description. Make sure it's legitimate or you'll get a restriction.

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jwk942633d ago

1. No key game
Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice

2. The unique features don’t add to overall gaming enjoyment.
Touch screen in Thomas Was Alone would like to chat with you.

SonyStyled2632d ago

here i thought uncharted golden abyss and assassins creed liberation are key games too

sherimae24132632d ago

"The unique features don’t add to overall gaming enjoyment."

but LBP vita has the good implementations of "unique features
your looking for oni-chan.
even IGN chose it over P4G as GOTY...

kayoss2632d ago

The author is clueless " the unique features don't add to overall gaming enjoyment." He bashes the vita but yet he doesn't realize that the 3ds doesn't even offer what the vita offer besides glassless 3d. Oh yeah 3ds lack an analog stick that should be standard now. How article like this keep popping up is beyond me.

sherimae24132632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

i dont think he is clueless.. he just only wants to hate and misinform people.... that is what i think of him...

funny thing is the vita has all the qualities of a handheld gamers dream...
-bright oled 5 inch screen
-dual analog stick ( which the 3ds and smartphones lack)
-multi touch capacitive screen
-gyro sensors
-and a multimedia device
-and a wide VARIETY of games that cater to different types of gamers, from fighting to fps to open-world to platformers to puzzles to action and many more ^_^

i think everyone who runs a gaming site should know this in the 1st place... he just want to downplay the vita thats all

kayoss2632d ago

What I failed to explain why I think he is clueless is because it doesn't seem the author even given these vita game a chance. How can you criticize something if you have never used or played the vita? It's like doing a movie review without watching a the damn movie. If he had bought the vita, tried it and criticize it, and then come up with the list then I would been fine. Buy or borrow the vita, try it, if you don't like it, sell it or give it back.

josephayal2632d ago

meh! I use my PS Vita every single day

AznGaara2632d ago

Some games just lend themselves better on a portable system. I've been playing Guacamelee on my Vita more than my Ps3 cause its such a pick up and go game. But yeah Vita has some great games... They just might not be for everyone. Love Gravity Rush, LBPV and the Soul Sacrifice demo blew my mind.

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