These Excellent Films Might Become Commercials For The PlayStation

Kotaku - Sony recently announced that they've hired MOFILM—a community that holds regular contests meant to "inspire" filmmakers—to crowdsource their advertisement efforts. Which is great! Because MOFILM's Barcelona 2013 contest churned out some really dramatic films.

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Chaostar3020d ago

I love the 'Our Theatre. Your Stage' one!

KingofGambling3020d ago

agree, that "Our Theater, Your Stage" was nice.
Love that Heavy Rain reference.

Raoh3020d ago

Yep, I like that one too.

It was cool that they added Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain.

Sevir3020d ago

These were all very well done. These guys should be hired for the marketing team in the US. They were all really well made

ReconHope3019d ago

first video was stupid weird hope they stay away from stuff like that.