The Next Xbox and the Importance of Launch Lineups

This week on Casual Friday, we finally find out when we're seeing the next Xbox! What are we hoping for? And what are our favorite launch memories?

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Dunpeal4107d ago

lame. at least with sony's announcement it was like less than 2 weeks away. now we have to put up with all these idiotic "crystal ball" articles for a damn month

AngelicIceDiamond4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Lol these guys are bringing up games I've never even heard of.

Either way MS will bring the games. And surprise us all.

paddystan4107d ago

For me to buy the console at launch, I want more games than just Halo, Gears, Fable or Froza. I want Microsoft to do like Sony: focus on a wide variety of awesome new fresh IPs.

PS4 will be bought on launch since I know Sony focus on more than just creating sequels.

kneon4107d ago

That's right, people can argue all they want about which machine is more powerful, but in the end if it doesn't have the games they aren't getting my money.

nirwanda4107d ago

Microsoft have always had very organized launches, its no surprise all there studio's are working on next gen for the last two years or so and leaving 3rd party to take care of this gen, it's much harder to convince big 3rd party studios to throw lost of money at something that has no user base to sell to.

Utalkin2me4106d ago

Organized launches you say?

Amped 3
Call of Duty 2
Condemned: Criminal Origins
Every Party
FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup
Kameo: Elements of Power
Madden NFL 06
NBA 2K6 Yes
NBA Live 06
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Perfect Dark Zero
Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie
Project Gotham Racing 3
Quake 4
Ridge Racer 6
Tetris: The Grandmaster ACE
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

And lets be honest other then the sports games, which games do you feel was great launch titles?
There is only 1 game in that i enjoyed playing other then sports games.

jetlian4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Where is DOA4 it hit in december? it was out within the launch window add Graw,FNR3,cod2, gun,pgr3!

Even the list you made was better than ps3 and wii launch line ups yea "imtalking2u"

Utalkin2me4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )


These are launch titles at the release of the Xbox360, they had 18 titles ready at launch at the release of the 360 and 2 came that same week. Why are you bringing PS3 and Wii into the equation? I am replying to him talking about MS having organized launches.

Obviously you have problems reading? The games you said i needed to add are on the list, the ones that was actual launch titles.

But here is your PS3 list...

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
Call of Duty 3
Def Jam: Icon
Enchanted Arms
Fight Night Round 3
Formula One Championship Edition
Full Auto 2: Battlelines
Genji: Days of the Blade
The Godfather: The Don's Edition
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
NBA 2K7 Visual Concepts
NHL 2K7 Visual Concepts
NBA Street: Homecourt
Resistance: Fall of Man
Ridge Racer 7
Sonic the Hedgehog
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Tony Hawk’s Project 8
Virtua Fighter 5
Virtua Tennis 3 S
World Snooker Championship 2007

nirwanda4106d ago

@utalkingtome all of the pd3 launch games where available on the360 in superior form go check the reviews, except genki, resistants, motorstorm (the only good launch game) and ridge racer. And that list was the uk launch which was a whole 6 months after the japanese launch that only had 6 bad games.

nirwanda4106d ago

Should we add all the 360 games that appeared 6 months after launch.

jetlian4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

its called launch windows! you know the first 6 months. And if you dont want to count launch window games some on your ps3 list would not make the cut.

Hell if you go by asian release you have way less games. Like narwanda said a lot of the ps3 games hit 360 too and were better

As a launch, 360 had good games and do to a lack of competition it is seen as better than ps3 and wii.

Wii u and vita are struggling for the same reason to many games you can get on other systems and there better

As for me mentioning wii and ps3 that was a show worse launches than MS

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Jek_Porkins4107d ago

To be fair, Sony only showed off Drive Club which was a new IP, Killzone and Infamous are hardly new IP's, but people were impressed just the same.

I would personally love to see some Halo demo to show off what it could look like. I think more people would be interested to see that, then some other game at launch. I mean people always say they want a Nintendo console to launch with a Zelda game for a reason.

I hope that Microsoft has a few new IP's, obviously they have Black Tusk working on their next "Halo" game, meaning scale, scope and awesomeness, so we'll have to wait and see.

Launch lineups are the most important thing in my opinion, if you got new IP's, that is the time to show them off, get people drawn in at the start of a generation. Luckily, Microsoft's studios have had the last 3 years to work on games for the next Xbox, so I think a lot of people are going to be surprised.

paddystan4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Sony showed 4 games, were 2 were new IPs (Knack and Drive Club), one was a spin-off/side-game (Killzone: Shadow Fall) and one was a sequel (InFamous: Second Son).

majiebeast4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

So thats why the 360 was a massive dud the last 3 years gotcha.

Meanwhile Sony has more then enough studios working on games, while still bringing out 3 new IP's for the ps3 this year, next to their known IP's, Its the difference in quality of Sony's studios compared to Microsoft ones they need less time to put out a amazing product.

You forgot Knack by Mark Cerny who has had a heavy hand in Sonic 2,Crash Bandicoot,Spyro and all of Sony's iconic platformers lets not forget he is the creator of a game that was far ahead of its time Marble Madness.

GalacticEmpire4106d ago

Funny how when recalling Xbox new IPs and exclusives your memory is impeccable but you tend to get lapses when listing PS3/4 games. Knack was even the first game they ever showed for PS4.

DonFreezer4106d ago

For me to get the ps4 at launch, I want more games than just Killzone, Infamous,Gran Turismo or God Of War who's that sounding like ps fanboy?

Software_Lover4106d ago

........ But Sony showed another Killzone, another infamous, another racing game, a platformer (looked good), a weird media molecule game, a bunch of 3rd party games that will also be on the next xbox (and pc), a tech demo, and they talked about concepts that aren't even working yet, but they "hope" to have them soon.

They weren't spectacular in the least bit. Did games look good, yes. But nothing spectacular and away from the norm with the exception of the MOVE oriented Media Molecule game.

So Microsoft could show another Halo, another Fable, a new racing game, a platformer, a weird RARE game, other 3rd party games, and a tech demo and they both would be equal in my sight.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. I'm sure I will be letdown by the Microsoft conference also.

nirwanda4106d ago

Tech demo's of and actual game engine that is being used is a little different from just a tech demo.
I was impressed with the capcom game (if it was in game)and the square and David cage tech demo, and drive club but I like driving games.

nirwanda4106d ago

I am expecting the 720 games shown to be better than sonys just based on the fact that the specs seem to have been set in stone for alot long(the rumours never change much) and they have had first party working on games for much longer.

AngelicIceDiamond4106d ago

Exactly, which is to be expected. Some people were blown away by those games and others are still playing the waiting game.

Either way Sony's message was clear. And they'll show the rest at E3.

For the people who are saying MS had no games for the past 3 years are wrong.

Splinter Cell, Fable, Ninety Nine Nights 2, Halo and Crackdown. All came out in 2010. So its the past 2 years MS changed focus.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF4106d ago

@fantomena... really? Sony is bringing more Infamous games, more Killzone games.. more Uncharted games,, more GT games... they all have sequels that people want.

LMAO... a wide variety of awesome new fresh IPs. Ya,.. because all those are rating real high on metacritic for the PS3.

You're going to get more god of wars, more LBP's.. and there's nothing wrong with that. What's wrong is with people like you only thinking MS has the sequels coming out. THey both do.

loulou4106d ago

"focus on a wide variety of awesome new fresh IPs."

hmmm how does anyone know that the game is awesome if nobody has ever played?

new i.ps and exclusives dont equal greatness

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yesmynameissumo4107d ago

I never thought I would see...not 1, not 2, but 3 people whose opinion I couldn't care less about. And they get paid to make those videos. SMH

Supermax4106d ago

Ms has never launched a console without a new franchise heavy hitter ie halo then gears.theres a fps ip we've never herd of that will be there baby.there will be a exclusive rights deal like battlefield or cod only comeing out to microsofts console.elder scrolls online is another exclusive that might happen.

Utalkin2me4106d ago

You need to see my above post, you're wrong.

4106d ago
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