It's a Wonderful World Information

Magazine scans reveal plot and gameplay information for the new Nintendo DS RPG from the team that bought the world Kingdom Hearts, including the basis of the plot and how the battle system will work.


Important Importables Review: Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's a Wonderful World Original Soundtrack

Gamertell has posted its weekly column that focuses on notable game-related imports and Japanese gaming.

From this week's article:

"Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's a Wonderful World Original Soundtrack acts as more than your typical game soundtrack. While there are the pieces that do sound tailored for specific situations in the game, as a whole it seems like it was designed more to bring an entire environment and area to life. The tracks often sound different, yet also sound the same. They share a common theme and attitude. By listening to it in the game or on their own, it provides a sense of ambiance and makes the in-game version of Shibuya come to life."

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The World Ends With You Review at CheatCC - Style, Substance and Amazing Depth

CheatCC writes: "Although The World Ends With You largely conforms to the Square-Enix tried-and-true style, it is nonetheless a great game. There is enough here in terms of storyline, unique characters, and depth to make it a worthwhile experience."


CheatCC Preview: The World Ends With You - Another Square Enix masterpiece?

CheatCC Writes: "For those of you who are confused or may have not heard of The World Ends with You, it's certainly worth mentioning that this is now the official title of a DS game that had garnered some attention months before, previously titled It's a Wonderful World. The premise of the game is rather straightforward but at the same time pretty crazy and morbid: you take control of a boy named Neck who finds out that he has only seven days to live. And with that basis, Neck sets out on a crazy, existential journey to save himself from the God of Death, along with the help of a companion named Tsuki. "