Joystiq interviews Doug Lombardi about Xbox 360 Source

Yesterday, Valve released the Source Engine middleware for the Xbox 360. But what does that mean for Xbox 360 games, PC games, and modders who use Valve's free version of Source? Valve intends for big developers to fluidly move between the two platforms. But the announcement also means one less hurdle for home developers to release an Xbox game, assuming they attract a publisher to clear the maze of licensing and distribution.

Valve's Director of Marketing, Doug Lombardi answered a series of emailed questions to delve deeper into these issues. He explained the general difference between the free and middleware versions of Source, how this announcement could still apply to modders, and how PC and Xbox versions of Source games could technically be networked immediately.

zonetrooper56344d ago

This engine is amazing and many devs should be eager to use it for the Xbox 360.

THAMMER16344d ago (Edited 6344d ago )

Yep I would love for more dev. to get better tools. That just means better games. Too bad HIGH PS3 who voted lame dose not understand that. Are PS3 fan boys even considered to be gamers any more?


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