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Movie tie-ins are widely considered a bane among gamers. But with interest in a movie being enough to swindle some less-informed individuals into buying one of these apparent cash-ins, they just seem to keep coming. However — occasionally — something rather surprising happens. A tie-in game is given to a development team with some sort of merit to their name, and is given the triple-A treatment with up-to-date graphics and gameplay tight as can be. While many doubted, I silently thought Star Trek would end up like one of these highly successful tie-ins. While developer Digital Extremes may not be as widely renowned as some, The Darkness II was proof that they could put together a entirely enjoyable shooter that even includes a decent narrative. With Star Trek, something must have gone horrible awry.

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Pintheshadows2625d ago

The author of this review has exactly the same thoughts I had in the build up to this game release. Digital Extremes, lack of time constraints etc.


TheAnalogShtick2625d ago

Yeah, it definitely seemed like they were at least headed in the right direction fundamentally, but nothing else matched up.

Here's hoping Digital Extremes, or some other developer takes another crack at the Star Trek IP. If done right, it could make a wonderful game.


Pintheshadows2625d ago

I'd really like to see Bridge Commander combined with a game like X or Freelancer. Take that and meld it (ah, you see what I did there, meld, like mind me... nevermind) with a combination of 25th Anniversary, Hidden Evil and Mass Effect to creat a space epic. In space.