BioShock Infinite Sucks At Time Travel

CheatCC says: "Although some big, new titles have cropped up recently, BioShock Infinite is still a hot topic in the industry, and for good reason. After all, game journalists have practically run out of complimentary adjectives at this point. But, behind its engaging gameplay and admirable commentary on societal taboos we find a fundamentally lacking plotline that often seems haphazardly strewn together. The ending of the game in particular is an absolute disappointment and hardly ends at all, which is a grave error for a game bearing the name “BioShock.” The popularity of the entire series is largely based on brilliant storytelling."

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EditorAtGNG2629d ago

Wow... pointing out that a game sucks as time-travel (a concept that has yet to be even scientifically proven) sure makes for a great article... wait.

Hydralysk2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

So we're not able to criticize any work of fiction for it's implementation of time travel because time travel hasn't been proven scientifically? I guess that means we can't criticize most of science fiction then.

A work of fiction usually grounds itself by showing us the fictional rules upon which that world operates. If we are given no firm point of reference for what's possible and what's not in a work of fiction, it becomes harder to maintain the suspension of disbelief.

Since Infinite's big draw is it's narrative it definitely worth discussing the implementation of that narrative.

kneon2629d ago


Once you mix the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics along with time travel you are doomed from the get go. There is just no way to have such a story that isn't rife with paradoxes.

In fact the many worlds interpretation makes time travel useless as a way to solve problems because anywhere there is a possibility of multiple outcomes then all possible outcomes will exist in some world some where. You can try to change it but all that does is lead to yet more worlds for each of the possible outcomes. Killing someone doesn't help because there will always be worlds in which they didn't get killed.

Hydralysk2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

You could potentially do it, but it'd need to acknowledge the difficulties and limitations.


You can't have an ending that simultaneously says there are an infinite number of universes branching off infinite choices, but then say that taking one action will stop something from happening in the entire multiverse.

However, you could have a story where your character is aware that any change he makes is only changing that one reality. In essence saying that you can go back in time and thus create another permutation of a certain reality, but the previous version and any suffering in it still exists, you just escaped it by dimension hoping/time traveling. I've read a story like that and I found it extremely engaging.

Of course this is less empowering to the player as it requires them to accept that they can't 'fix' everything everywhere, and that even by eliminating suffering in one reality it doesn't change the fact that it still happened in the others.

Roper3162629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

while I really enjoyed the game many parts just felt incomplete to me. It was like they wanted to expand upon it but were like we just need to release it already. I also had alot of technical issues as well. such as freezes, items disappearing, Elizabeth disappearing, enemies weapons just floating in the air after the enemy has been killed and I could go on.

Like I said I loved the story/gameplay finally got the plat after 4 play throughs but technically it was a real mess and I expected alot more from Irrational games.

Salooh2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I'm not like you guys hunting bugs. And even if i saw one i laugh at it not get mad. I noticed one Bug though. Lol..

oof462629d ago

There were some mechanics that were in the reveal trailer that didn't make it into the final game. I remember you could combo your vigors with Elizabeth's powers. My guess is either they couldn't make it reliably work 100% of the time, or one too many game mechanics at play.

Salooh2629d ago

Yea. One of the reasons it called infinite because they were planning to make it open world. Forest and stuff like that. Even though they didn't managed to achieve their goal the game still turned out well. I enjoyed it.

MattyG2629d ago

Ehhhh, not sure they ever said it was going to be open world, and that definitely wouldn't be why it was called Infinite. No open world game is Infinite, it would just be poor marketing.
"It's open world, and called Infinite because of that."
"So the world is infinite?"

Salooh2629d ago

Why would i lie to you ?. I read bioshock interviews and read something like that. They removed huge amount of work to make it like this and that's a prove of what i'm talking about..

oof462629d ago

@14Feb-R: Would you kindly share the li...whoops, you're out of bubbles!

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