Nintendo Skipping E3 Doesn't Change A Thing

One can never get used to the “Nintendo shock”. It seems that every generation — several times each generation, in fact — there come news from Nintendo that confuse us and challenge everything we thought we knew about the gaming giant. This has once again been the case in the past few days.

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Jagsrock2626d ago

The author hits a lot of good points here. People are most definitely looking at this the wrong way. Nintendo has discovered a way to ditch the presentation but still utilize E3. By having Directs they can make the announcements they want when they want and they have said they will be doing so leading up to E3. This essentially gives them a head start on getting real information out there in a time period that is filled heavily with speculation and gamers frothing at the mouth for info. Also people keep saying they are stepping away from the spotlight but all you hear about right now is Nintendo and I feel like this move might actually generate more attention because it was so unexpected that people will now be watching to see how this plays out. So really it's the opposite of running away, it's actually a pretty ballsy move that could end up paying off.

Moonman2626d ago

Good points. And also some people have downplayed how Nintendo Directs only "focus on fans". Well, Nintendo's games sell gazillions so the "fans" are all they could consider. But that will not be the case. Nintendo will broadcast all over social media. Any big game announced will get all the coverage in the world.

I could see future E3's going in this direction if it works for Nintendo.

AngelicIceDiamond2625d ago

Right, but its just not the same with out all three. It feels off, incomplete.

Its just won't feel right with Nintendo not being there.

imXify2626d ago

I just see alot of confusion in the comments since the news came out yesterday.

I prefer saying nothing and just wait.

Knight_Crawler2626d ago

Have to agree...the only people who really know or care about E3 are hardcore gamers who visit gaming sites a daily bases.

Go ask a soccer mom or grandma what E3 is and they will look at you like you are crazy.

Nintendo wont lose anything by not showing up - if anything the PS and Xbox loyalist care more about Nintendo not going than actual Nintendo fans.

guitarded772626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Umm... no. The press is who gets in at E3, and it's not just gaming sites. Major publications like USA Today, New York Times and CNN are there. Also, HUGE international publications and media are there from all over Europe, Japan and the rest of the world. The general populous gets news from E3 through different sources, even if they don't know about E3.

juegosmajicos2625d ago

Nintendo IS having an event exclusively for the media. It will be happening at the same time that they will be giving a presentation for distributors, only in a different location. Both will be happening hours before the E3 show proper begins.

Kingthrash3602625d ago

to be honest e3 is what got my 60 year old aunt to buy a wii...she saw it on channel 11 news coverage..that basic channel news. I told her about the wiiu and she didnt believe me her words exactly " I haven't seen it on tv, commercials, or on the news." then I told her the price she said "ill stick with the one I got." my point ditching E3 is simply a mistake a marketing mistake.

DivineAssault 2626d ago

It doesnt change anything except the amount of people that will be watching what they have incoming.. Sure the nintendo directs have a great following but theres still potential customers they should be trying to pursue

HyperBear2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Personally, the only thing it changes is the fact that I won't have to wake up at 10am on Tuesday June 11 and watch the usual Nintendo Media Conference. It will be weird for me, as I've always looked forward to taking the week off to watch every conference and everything live at E3, but without a Nintendo Conference, it'll be different. They will still be at the show though, and I'm guessing they might have acquired more floor space this year in return of not spending money on holding a conference show. It would be REALLY strange if they didn't show up altogether, which is not the case here.

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The story is too old to be commented.