Grand theft Auto 5 vs Watch_Dogs

Alive Game Zone - A simple comparison of the two most anticipated games of this year, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Watch_Dogs. Both games are expected to do good business and shatter the sales charts and gaming records!

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DigitalRaptor2626d ago

I find it strange to see people deciding between the two, when both are pretty different from each other.

GTA has always had the cheeky, fun and humorous aspect to it, and GTA V will be no different.

Watch Dogs looks to be doing some impressive things and has scale to suggest it's being optimized for next generation. It's also a lot more serious looking.

I'll be getting both, and if Rockstar somehow announce a PS4 version, I'll be getting both for PS4.

US8F2625d ago

I'm with you, GTA5 for sure. screw watch dogs and their always online moto. "always on, always connected" they say. HAHA

Hydrolex2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Both of you are fanboys... the truth is we wouldnt know until we play both games...

MaxXAttaxX2625d ago

Why does every modern open world game have to be compared with GTA.

Hanif-8762625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

@NathanExplosion Its because Gran Theft Auto is the benchmark for sandbox/open-world games. Hence, with that said, all games from Rockstar games are on another level in terms of quality. Additionally, its Rockstar North that defined the Open World genre with Grand Theft Auto in the first place.

However, as "DigitalRaptor" said they can't be compared because although they share the same genre they have completely different focus or direction that each game respected developer are aiming for. I'm just praying that i'll be able to pick up both on the PS4 because GTA V will suit that platform so much with its "SHARE" feature, just imagine all those EPIC moments you wished you could of shown your buddies.

MaxXAttaxX2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Popularized maybe. But to me, it was Driver 2 that defined open-world games of that kind

But like people have said, they shouldn't be compared in the first place. Other games have different play mechanics, story pacing and overall focus, so having GTA as a benchmark is pointless and unfair to other games which are not trying to accomplish the same. UNLESS a game is actually trying to be a game just like GTA.

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TopDudeMan2625d ago

GTA V is going to be totally safe. You know it'll be awesome.

Watch dogs is probably a bit riskier, but that makes it all the more interesting.

I'm interested to see both games when they come out.

BeZdaBest2625d ago

ill go with watch dogs first just to see whats it really about...

because we all know what gta is really about at the core level..
shooting up hooker & cops.. which i dont think there nothing wrong..

TheGrimReaper2625d ago

"GTA has always had the cheeky, fun and humorous aspect to it, and GTA V will be no different."

GTA IV took itself too serious imho :(

Donnieboi2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

I think the comparison is weird because we don't know that much about either. This article would have made more sense if it waited another week--since GTA 5 will have a huge reveal next week.

ironfist922626d ago

Why is this comparison needed? Aside from being open-world titles, the games are entirely different, and both look to be astounding.

Here's a tip: Dont compare, just buy both!

M-M2625d ago

It looks like both will be great games, don't see why they need to be compared.

generic-user-name2625d ago

There is no "vs" here. Both games look magnificent and I'll be getting both.

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