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Who Will Challenge The Bat In Arkham Origins? | GamerHub TV

Arkham Asylum opened the gate and ushered in a serious comic book game that accurately portrayed the feeling of Batman and his psychotic relationship with the Joker. Arkham City cemented the realized world of Arkham and introduced even more of Batman’s rogue gallery. Now, Batman Arkham Origins explores the early career of the Caped Crusader and showcases the first meetings between him and his deadliest enemies. When eight deadly assassins descend onto Gotham on Christmas Eve to take out Batman, the Dark Knight must overcome his greatest challenge yet. Now, we take a look at the eight deadliest assassin’s in the D.C. Universe to see who may make an appearance in the game.

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ohcatrina2005d ago

I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS. I'm glad that it's not just a boring origins story -- and I honestly have pretty good confidence in WB Studios, as they've already promised to stay true to the already awesome Arkham series. I can't wait to constantly squabble with the GCPD and the side-mission involving them is something I'm way excited for...

Okay, but on-topic, I totally agree with Tahlia and Deadshot being huge possibilties. I would LOVE to see Lady Shiva as part of the lineup, if even to give Cassandra Cain some kind of attention by proxy. Everyone else, for me, is up in the air. Also, er, Penguin's confirmed, but that's been known.

Anyway, awesome article, and great predictions!

YoureINMYWay852005d ago

Can not wait! Hopefully well see Scarface!

Knight_Crawler2005d ago

The Puffin Bird...Danny Davito needs to voice this villain.

gamerlive2005d ago

I'm looking forward to this game but Rocksteady not doing it is a bit of a concern.

GreenRanger2005d ago

I will challenge the Bat!

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