Nintendo releases Wii U update to speed up system's laggy performance

By Sam Byford

Nintendo has released the first major Wii U software update since the console's launch late last year. As demonstrated last month, the primary focus of the update is to improve the system's performance and address the long load times that we found to be a vexing problem in our review. The new firmware also adds some other features: you can now copy data between two USB drives directly, the console can automatically download and install updates in the background, and you can boot directly into the original Wii mode by holding down the B button during startup. The speed improvements are welcome, but probably won't satisfy everyone just yet — Nintendo has said that another update, due this summer, will further address the system's lag.

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PSNintyGamer2636d ago

Yes, My wii U runs much faster now when switching between apps.

Jek_Porkins2636d ago

So much better! It should have been like this from launch.

Agent_hitman2636d ago

But does the hardware lag if you surf for porn?.

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