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CheatCC says: "Black Rock Shooter’s origins begin with an artist's sketch of an attractive young woman with a large metal cannon for an arm. Since then it's grown into a major franchise in Japan, with everything from an eight-episode anime series to an assortment of video games. The most popular of these video games is the 2011 action/RPG Black Rock Shooter: The Game. Black Rock Shooter finally arrived in the US Tuesday as a PSP/Vita download."

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miyamoto2629d ago

This game is my surprise PSP game of 2013.

The real time active turn based third person RPG mechanics is highly unique and original no other game has.

This game gives the original Devil May Cry a run for its money in terms of style.

I finished the game but on the way to 100% it.

Super Awesome game!

Protagonist2629d ago

You finished it in two days?

Protagonist2629d ago

I can't believe the game finally got a western release. I originally wanted it for my psp but it will be better on my PS Vita with the OLED screen. A must download.