Progress From the Dark Kingdom

SOE gives us a new look at its quickly improving hack-and-slasher, Untold Legends. Though E3 ended just a few weeks ago, Sony Online Entertainment is rapidly progressing its development of Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom and has made numerous improvements on the game even in that short timeframe. SOE made a trip up to San Francisco today to show IGN a few new things in the title, including a brand-new level, speedier play and another look at its improved art style.

BLow6209d ago

Who would have thought a game can improve. Oh...and it's from Sony.

InSpectre6209d ago

I agree, it's come a long way in just a few weeks. I'm glad they re-worked the main characters. They looked awful before. Looking forward to seeing more!

achira6209d ago

it looks better and better. i am sure the game will be good when its finished. i ask myself if the gameplay is like in diable 2?