PlayStation Web Store Adds Download Queues And Auto-Downloading

You can now access a download queue from the SEN Web Store, which will push downloads out to your PS Vita or PS3.

Currently for PS3, it will not wake the system up to do this download.


Video showing push downloads straight to XMB, no restart required:

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Ken222627d ago

Sweet.I just seen a commercial about the SEN store.

darthv722627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

i just queued up a couple of PSP games (tekken 6 and soul calibur) as well as joe danger 2 and the cave for ps3.

This will be cool if they are ready when i get home.

edit: okay now someone is disagreeing with everyone in here. To whoever you are...its not my fault you dont have ps+ or even a PS3/PSP/Vita to take advantage of this nifty store feature.

On a side note, i do the same thing with xbl but too bad my 360 doesnt have an auto wake feature to install what i queue up.

ItsMeAgain2627d ago

You don't need PS+ to do this.

Provided your device is in stand-by mode and you are a member of PlayStation Plus, your PS3 will begin downloading at the specified time in the PS3 automatic update setting. HERE! -> If you are not a member of PlayStation Plus the content will begin downloading automatically when you next switch on your PS3."

ApolloTheBoss2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Yes! That is VERY useful. But I still wished it turned on automatically. It could be ready to play when I get home from work. Auto-installing would be a welcome feature as well.

PirateThom2627d ago

If you have PS+ it will. Just need to play about with your time settings.

majiebeast2627d ago

Yeah i just used it to to get my psplus content.

DigitalRaptor2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Yes, beautiful. It's one thing being able to manage content on your console, but some sort of web browser front is needed nowadays.

The HTML5 web store they gave us was Step #1 in a line of things needed from the PlayStation Store. This is Step #2. Great stuff.

MidnytRain2626d ago

Why not download content while you're AWAY from the PS3 rather than when you may want to play?