Mass Effect 3′s lead writer still thinks only a “vocal minority” was upset over the game’s ending

Even though fans are still upset months later over the ending of Mass Effect’s initial trilogy, Mac Walters still seems to be under the impression that it was only a vocal minority that was upset with Mass Effect 3′s controversial ending.

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Godmars2902628d ago

That's the frustrating thing about "talking with your wallet": If you just don't buy a game because you have an issue with it, they stop making that game. But if it sold well in the first place and then people complain about it, the dev can ignore them publicly if not actually. Might fix them later with the next installment, but knows more than likely most will buy it on faith.

Root2628d ago

I think this is something people don't get when someone judges a game before they play the game....despite seeing all the interviews, gameplay videos, trailers, screenshots etc

If you buy a game when you know it's going to be crap deep down or average then you've just given your money to a won't matter what you think after you've bought it because you've already given them something

abradley2627d ago

Though I agree with you both, ME3 was a pretty good game until the ending. If you have no interest in a game, fine, don't buy it. But all those people who do enjoy it but find flaws that could be fixed did the right thing. They supported the game by buying it and then vocally complained when it wasn't up to par.

Not buying a game does nothing to a company unless a significant amount of people don't do so. However, a public opinion of a company is something that us as gamers can effect and as we saw with EA and Sim City, ME3, things get a little more attention when the paying fans are riled.

pat_11_52628d ago

I think the ending was just alright. It didn't really stand up to the rest of the series though unfortunately.

krazykombatant2627d ago

So the ending was sh*t in all essence... If you were one of those like me who put hundreds of hours into the first 2 games only to be shat upon by that ending, i'm not talking about the powerpoint slide they did in the end i'm talking about the very first one with all the colours, it was b.s and lazy. I'm not buying another BioWare product if i can help it.

Darth Stewie2627d ago

Mass Effect is my 2nd favorite franchise this gen but the ending for 3 was a letdown.

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The story is too old to be commented.